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January 2013

5 for Friday: HR Trends Edition

This week’s 5 for Friday rounds up five stories about the latest HR trends.
  • Fewer Unemployed Workers Per Job Opening. Wall Street Journal: "Despite fears of the then-imminent 'Fiscal Cliff,' both workers and employers showed signs of confidence in November. Employers laid off 17,000 fewer workers than in October, and posted 11,000 more job openings. Some 46,000 more workers quit their jobs — a sign they see the job market as improving."
  • Why Immigration Reform May Happen This Year. CNBC: ""I think some type of reform will happen soon," said Jim Witte, director of the Institute for Immigration Research at George Mason University. "There are traditional allies among Democrats but there's also a growing conservative coalition of businesses and law enforcement who want immigration reform as well."
  • Measuring & Managing Culture with Big Data. Globoforce: "The more analytics we gather, the more we are able to build a culture of analytics to measure and optimize strategy. It’s a reciprocal relationship that is important in any organization. And in 2013 it will become critical to HR."
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