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Dec 2013

HR tech trends for 2014

Predictions, technology and possible trends in the HR world.

HR technology and trends As 2013 draws to a close, companies large and small are making their predictions for what HR technology will bring in the coming year. This week we're bringing you news about the HR technology and trends to look out for in 2014.
  • HR Predictions for 2014. Benefits Pro: “The winds of transparency are blowing through. Technology is enabling a lot of this, with a bunch of new mobile apps and data-sharing and decision assistance out there to help drive good health care spending decisions. I predict all major carriers will be offering smartphone-based tools designed to help consumers. This will work, but not because people want gizmos, but because consumers are wanting (no, demanding!) transparency in all their transactions. They are getting it in many other areas of their lives; they want it in health care now. And they’re willing to tweet about it.”
  • HR, Technology and 2014 – #HRTechtrends. HR Bartender: “Test drive the latest devices. Next time you’re near a phone store or in a shopping mall, take a moment to check out the newest tablet or smartphone. See how it works. Or if a colleague has the latest and greatest, ask them to show you a feature or two. Step up your social media game. Every HR pro should understand the business advantages and disadvantages of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Probably Instagram too. If you signed up for Twitter and used it for a week, that’s not long enough to realize the benefit.”
  • Five Predictions for Where HR Technology Is Going in 2014. TLNT: “Small businesses are the focus of innovation in the HR tech space. Comprehensive HR tools coupled with stunning point solutions for recruiting and performance management are coming of age and are increasingly accessible to smaller organizations. Why this matters: Small companies are the lifeblood of the economy and have historically gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to HR tech. There’s a growing ecology of apps and services out there that help small companies compete in the talent market. That’s good for entrepreneurship, which is good for diversity and innovation.”
  • Top 5 Reasons HR Is On The Move. Forbes: “HR does not produce a product, yet it can eat up a lot of an organization’s time and energy. A great HR department demands resources and continual oversight and innovation. Many organizations would rather focus on their core strengths and/or moneymakers by outsourcing HR. Running an effective HR department costs bucks, sometimes big bucks. Many organizations do the math and just decide it’s not worth it. It also allows organizations to hire world-class specialists they could never afford to bring on-board permanently. This kind of virtual workforce will continue to find momentum.”
  • Top five HR technology predictions for 2014. Tech Target: “Low employee engagement could spur renewed interest in learning and development Employee engagement survey data raised a lot of eyebrows in 2013: According to Gallup, only 30% of American employees are engaged at work. To Kutik, statistics like this might have something to do with an area that HR has been shirking: employee development. ‘Companies are no longer spending money on developing their employees ... because their attitude -- rightly or wrongly -- is that the person [will] be gone in two or three years,’ he said. ‘Well, they may be because you don't invest in them and they don't feel valued.’”
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