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January 2014

Managing talent with authenticity

Five articles to help you keep it real and keep your employees happy

managing talent with authenticity

Keeping your employees engaged and happy to stay on the job takes more than rules and regulations. It requires realness. To help you manage your team and be powerfully real this year, here are five articles about authenticity and leadership.

  • Five key leadership traits for 2014 The Globe and Mail: “The essence of humanity is authenticity, the ability to be straightforward, to act and speak without guile, to consistently act with awareness, kindness and compassion. Authenticity is the No. 1 quality I value in the people around me. They are self-aware, humble and stay true to their values regardless of the challenges at hand. Without authenticity, your team is like a house with a poor foundation. It won’t stand the test of winds or time. Leaders hire slowly and carefully, and surround themselves with only the best. Great talent with the wrong values will be like vampires on your team, and will drain your corporate culture. Talent in combination with the right values will create an enviable culture and results for your business that your competitors can’t begin to copy.”
  • How to become a great manager in 2014 and beyond Forbes: “Terrific managers put the needs of their employees first. They are more concerned with their employees than they are with themselves. When asked to do more by their own bosses, they always consider the needs of their people before saying yes. They are more concerned about helping their employees get ahead than their own career growth.”
  • 4 things you can do right now to help keep your best employees TLNT: “All of the management experts advise us to be actively engaged with our employees, manage by walking around, getting to know our people as complete human beings and not just workers, etc. It sounds a little bit soft, but it does affect the bottom line. Numerous studies have been done that show the positive goodwill managers receive when they take the time to get to know their employees and use the 'platinum rule.' We all know the 'golden rule' (treat others the way YOU would like to be treated). Today’s Gen X and Gen Y/Millennial workers expect more from their managers, so use the “platinum rule” (treat others the way THEY want to be treated).”
  • A New Year’s resolution for employers Workforce: “This year resolve to learn what makes each of your employees unique. Resolve not to treat your employees as fungible commodities, but as special assets, each with his or her own talents and concerns. Recognizing each employee’s individuality will result in a more engaged workforce, which, in turn, will repay you with happier, more productive, and more loyal employees.”
  • Recognize and reward contributions HR BLR: “Managers should be certain they recognize employee contributions, both big and small. A compliment from the boss can be as effective as a monetary reward. Many employees feel that their managers do not spend enough time thanking them for a job well done, but are too quick to criticize them for making mistakes.”
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