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February 2014

Healthy, happy HR-employee relationships

Five articles to help bring about better HR-employee relationships.

Healthy, Happy HR relationships

As your employee's wants and needs evolve, so must your HR solutions. Here are five articles to help create healthy, happy HR-employee relationships.

  • Modern HR or How to Earn Your Employees Every Day Forbes: “This seems obvious on the face of it — when the success of a company is predicated by what its employees produce, of course you want to build a culture that focuses on making the most of workforce talents. But like many obvious concepts, a talent-centric workplace has not been historically easy to pull off. An end-to-end talent management process is a mix of skills and systems, and the trick is to find the simplest way to help employees direct the conversation.”
  • 8 Ways to Account for Different Learning Styles Among Employees Palo Alto Software BPlans: “Be flexible. Outline your expectations for a new type of assignment, and then let your employees complete it however they are most comfortable within certain boundaries. What’s most critical is the end result, so giving your employees the flexibility to meet your expectations in a way that works best for them can be beneficial for everyone.”
  • Overworked Employees - Kills More than Productivity Halogen Software: “The first reason, as author Minda Zetlin so aptly puts it, ‘you suck when it counts’. Essentially, employees are so exhausted and mentally over extended that they cannot produce their best work. Creativity and problem solving skills are dulled, which is a big loss for the organization. In fact, I recently wrote a blog post exploring the question ‘is working less the secret to higher productivity?’ Zetlin also points out that overwork leads to impaired judgment. Do you really want your employees making business decisions for your company when their judgment is clouded by sleep deprivation? I sure wouldn’t!”
  • How You Can Keep HR From Becoming the “Fly in the Ointment” TLNT: “Be an HR professional, not a physician. Be a resource and advisor to the manager — only. It’s the manager’s responsibility to own and handle employee issues — let them do the jobs they were hired to do. Keep the communication between you and the manager and let the manager work directly with the employee. Advise the manager to take the time to sit with the employee and review their work together. Make an accurate determination of the cause of the errors vs. an amateur medical speculation.”
  • How to Hire Awesome Employees Inc.: “It's key to hire people who have positive attitudes about their companies, their jobs, and their life in general. Their demeanor is pleasant, and they help foster cooperative and productive environments. Friendly and outgoing, they take the initiative to seek out and learn new skills and persevere when challenged. Supportive and concerned for others, they work well on teams. In some cases, they succeed in positions beyond their abilities, overcoming their lack of experience with their drive and enthusiasm.”
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