10 Warning Signs You Will Be Fired

The signs that your job’s days are numbered are pretty obvious, if you’re paying attention. Here are 10 warning signs you will be fired soon.

Your Boss Stops Asking You for Help

Leaders ask good employees for help and input. If you’re not being asked, it could simply be that your boss is busy. If you’re not being asked and the following other nine clues are also true, might be time to brush up the resume.

They Choose Not to Renew

At the tail end of a project or team effort, completed roles are transitioned into new positions. If your role is not renewed on a new project or different initiative, either they believe you need a break, weren’t pleased with your performance or don’t see your participation as needed in the future.

It’s All Business

A boss, who believes he may be releasing you soon will tend to be more business-minded than social. The jokes or personal conversation may come to a halt, which might indicate they are detaching from you personally.

Documentation Doubles

Any human resources professional will tell a manager that "if it wasn’t documented, it didn’t happen." So, if you see an increase in the documentation made about your actions or statements, there might be a reason.

You’re Bored

Your boss isn’t the only one who decides if your job’s days are numbered. You have just as much input in that decision and it’s a decision you need to make if you’re bored witless.

You’re Burned Out

Burnout is bigger than boredom. If your sense of boredom has turned into resentment, irritability, and a complete lack of interest and energy, you could need one or all of the following: a long vacation, a new challenge, or a position that actually energizes you.

Sundays are Sad

The Sunday evening blues are a popular malady in the U.S. for those with little or no interest in going to work on Monday. If your Sundays are sad and it’s only getting worse, it may be time to spend Sunday searching for something else.

You Quit and Forgot to Tell Them

If your day involves getting more done on social media than on your actual job, it’s a problem. Are you actively participating in your position or have you really quit and just forgot to give notice? If you’re already acting as if you don’t work there, don’t be surprised if they help you make that dream come true.

You No Longer Care About Consequences

When you’re fed up and have had your fill of concern over what others think or do about your work, chances are you’re on the way out. A lack of caring shows you’ve given up and will cause your quality of work to decrease, making it easy for them to number your days with single digits.

You’re Really Looking for an Excuse

So often we blame our employers for job loss and a company or boss can make those decisions. More commonly, we really didn’t like that role anymore anyway and just didn’t have the courage to stand up and say “I’ve had enough and want something different.” If your days are numbered at your job because of an economic or leadership shift, use these clues to help extend the time you have to prepare to replace your income. If your days are numbered at your job because you’re not doing your job, these signs will minimize what you will believe to be a surprise. If your days are numbered at your job because you secretly want them to be, then be grateful when they do for you what you didn’t have the courage to carry out on your own. Move on and leave the frustration or anger behind. Carrying that kind of baggage into your new job will number the days there, too. Monica Wofford, CSP is a CEO and leadership development expert who trains and coaches managers who’ve been promoted, but may not have been prepared. She is the author of Contagious Leadership and Make Difficult People Disappear and may be reached at www.ContagiousCompanies.com.
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