5 for Friday: Do's and Don’ts of Accepting a Job Offer Edition

5 for Friday: Do's and Don’ts of Accepting a Job Offer EditionWhile searching for employment, it's easy to panic and settle for the first job offer you receive. But do you just want any job? Accepting a job offer for the wrong reasons can land you right back in the hunt for a new job. This week's 5 for Friday's brings you articles about the do's and don'ts of accepting a job offer to help you avoid settling and ensure you're getting what you bargained for when you sign on the dotted line.

  • Five Factors to Consider Before Accepting a New Job. MediaJobsDaily:  “We all have a mental checklist. Let’s face it, if one of the reasons why you’re resigning is a horrible boss, you’re probably looking for a much better one in your new role. Although priorities are all a personal preference, on the whole there are some universal truths about decisive factors that connect all of us to a new job. In particular when you evaluate more than one offer simultaneously and decide with path to pursue.”
  • Analyzing an Offer: 7 Things to Take Into Account. Levo League: “Title & Role. It’s really simple, but make sure the job you are being offered is the one you applied to. Often times things can ”shift in flight’ and this is the time to make sure you understand exactly what the title means, what the responsibilities are, and what is expected of you. An offer letter won’t spell all of this out but making sure the title in the letter matches with the job description you previously reviewed is a good check. It’s also the right time to ask any outstanding questions you may have.”
  • Are You Going to Accept the Wrong Job Offer? Business2Community: “Good decisions are the foundation of a successful career. One of the most important career decisions you will make (or are currently making) is what company to accept a job offer from. When you work for a top-rate company, you enjoy the benefits. Conversely, when you don’t approach your job search correctly, you run the risk of waking up every morning unhappy, underpaid, unappreciated and little to no future job prospects. Needless to say, you want to avoid bad companies at all costs. Life is too short. The first way to do so is to keep an open mind about industry, function and size.”
  • 5 Things to Consider Before Accepting a Job Offer. U.S. News & World Report: “Understand what is negotiable. Depending on the company and your particular situation, your start date, compensation, vacation or paid time off may be negotiable. If you're working in a big city, you may be able to obtain free or subsidized parking worth $15 to $50 per day. Make certain that everything is spelled out clearly. If you have been promised something verbally pertaining to your employment, make certain that it is included in your offer letter.”
  • How to Evaluate and Negotiate a New Job Offer. Personal Branding Blog: “First of all, you should not evaluate the offer based only on salary information. The salary is important for many people, but you should also look for other benefits, such as how many paid holidays you will get per year or if you can work remotely some days during the workweek or if you are getting any perks, for example, a gym membership discount or other discounts from other businesses such as phone-bill discounts or electronic-equipment discounts or travel discounts. You should then evaluate the offer as a whole package.”
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