5 for Friday: Smarter Job Search Edition

by monsterstaff, published 09/13/2013

5 for Friday: Smarter Job Search EditionWhen we’re under stress and feeling the pressure of the clock ticking, it's easy to lose ourselves in frantic decision making. Add the stress of being unemployed on top of that and you’ve got yourself a recipe for job search disaster. If this describes what you’re feeling, sit back, relax and regain your focus.

This week’s roundup provide articles with inspiration and advice on how you can launch a smarter job search.

  • 5 TED Talks for Job Search Inspiration. Mashable: “Let’s face it: Job hunting is kinda boring at best, grueling and soul crushing at worst. Sometimes you need a little lift when you’re perpetually applying to job positions. But instead of clicking on funny YouTube videos like 'Dog Plays Dead To Avoid Bath Time,' cruise on over to TED.com to give yourself an emotional boost — and some much-needed career inspiration. We’ve chosen our five favorites below — each under 20 minutes — to help keep you motivated you during your job search.”
  • 6 New Rules for the Modern Job Search. Youtern: “You must give high priority to the content and relevance of a resume – and not have a hissy fit if someone gets creative or breaks a silly rule, like using “I.” I will admit: I am one of those people who has pitched such fits in the past. However, let’s allow creativity into the realm of resumes, including (gasp) pictures and images, as long as we have a common understanding: the most important aspect of a resume is that it demonstrates the individual has the knowledge, skills, abilities, attributes and background that are relevant to the company or specific role within the organization.”
  • How to Overcome Job Hunt Procrastination. Career Attraction: “Take out the pressures before they take you out of the game. The trick to handling all of this is to become aware of the anxieties and pressures that are pulling you all over the place. Even though all your pressure might be pulling you in the direction of getting that job, this in itself is a pressure, and still something that will zap your energy and make it more difficult to do what you need to do. The reality is, very little will shift in the outside world until your inner world changes—regardless of how much effort you put in. It all starts with understanding the inner world.”
  •  Why Keeping Your Options Open May Harm Your Job Search. Glassdoor: “It is human nature in job search – as in dating – to want to keep your options open. Many job seekers, whether early-career and fairly inexperienced or 15+ years in and heralding a plethora of different functional strengths, feel they will limit their opportunities by narrowing their job search target. In fact, just the opposite will happen. Broad resume nets don’t work. By casting a broad net, job seekers drown out their unique voice and alienate their ideal audience. They do this by splattering a variety of talents, many which do not relate, into one mish-mash resume. But, the common thread is that you have no direction, and therefore, no destination.”
  • Job Hunting Could Help Cut Taxes. Fox Business: “These days a lot of Americans find themselves pounding the pavement in quest of a new job, whether they've gotten the pink slip or expect to get one soon. The good news: The search may help you cut your tax bill -- under certain circumstances, job-hunting expenses are tax-deductible. First, your hunt for new work must be in the same field in which you're currently or were formerly employed. Uncle Sam won't help out if you decide to totally switch career gears.”
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