How to keep motivated in your job search during the holidays

Job searching from behind a computer this time of year is easy; here are a few ideas to get you seeking opportunities beyond your living room.

During the holidays, it's easy to get caught up in the relaxation and celebration and give yourself a break from the tiresome task of looking for a new job. But many employers that are looking to hire aren't taking a break, so taking time off could mean missing out on a great opportunity. To help keep yourself motivated and moving forward in your job search during the holidays, this week's news roundup brings you articles with great advice and inspiration.
How to Keep Motivated in Your Job Search During the Holidays
  • 5 Signs Your Job Search is on a Slippery Slope. Parade: “You’ve been in hibernation for too long. During your job search, it’s easy to fall into hibernation. Networking can be scary for those of us who prefer to sit behind a computer all day with a cup of hot cocoa, applying for jobs. Regardless of how warm and toasty your home is when applying for jobs, the real opportunities are waiting for you outside. Make the effort to build relationships with people in your profession and make connections with employers. Whether it’s attending networking events, connecting with alumni, or simply meeting someone for coffee, these connections can help you tremendously during your job search.”
  • Career Rescue: There are 5 ways to keep your job search alive during holidays. Houston Chronicle: “Take more risks in reaching out to people you know, even if you haven't talked with them in a while. Make a list of people you haven't talked with in the last six months and call them, as this is a great time to share updates. Due to the change of pace during the holidays, people are more available to meet for coffee, breakfast or lunch. Take the initiative and arrange a time to meet. Send holiday greeting cards - electronic or paper. The point is to stay in touch and send best wishes.”
  • Your Job Search Gold Mine. Business2Community: “When you are fully prepared to start your (job search) campaign, begin with your best networking contacts. You can grow your network utilizing your existing relationships and “branch out” from there. Make a list of your best relationship contacts. Consider adding relatives, friends, co-workers, and bosses who you feel know you, like you, and trust you. Most clients who go through this process come up with at least 20. Segregate the list into three groups — (a) your strongest relationships that will help you know matter what you do, (b) your weaker relationships that may only give you one useful conversation, and (c) those in between. Your “b” group would include some of the highest, most important contacts you have.”
  • Don't Let Your Job Search Go Cold Over The Holidays. WZZM13: “Some people give up job searching between Thanksgiving and New Years because they think no one is hiring. Not true! In many companies, hiring actually heats up in December as managers and business owners have money left in their budgets and want to spend their budget rather than potentially losing it. Because companies slow down during the last month or so of the year, hiring managers may have more time to answer phone calls and conduct interviews.”
  • “Find a job yet?” Conversation advice for the holiday season. SFGate: “Thinking before speaking helps you apply your emotional brakes and using silence buys you time to decide on the best answer to use. Actively listen. When you listen to what people are saying it helps you put things in perspective. A good listening test is to ask for clarification. It sends a message that you are listening and helps you respond effectively. In addition, you could be creating awareness for them in helping them phrase their questions differently.”
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