4 ways to make the most out of a long commute

4 ways to make the most out of a long commute

A recent poll conducted by Monster.com about Americans and their work commute revealed that nearly all respondents want their commute to work to take less than an hour each day.

Unfortunately for many Americans, their daily commute is longer, with some people spending multiple hours each day commuting to and from work. With so much time spent commuting, it can feel like a huge inconvenience and loss of valuable time.

But that time doesn't have to be a total waste. Here is a list of 5 things you can be doing to be get the more out of your daily commute.

  • Listen to audio books. In our nonstop society, it can be difficult to find the time to sit down and read. Instead of trying to factor in additional time during your week for reading, use the time you spend during your commute to listen to audio books. Audio books are a productive way to occupy your time in the car and can help you to catch up on the reading you have been meaning to get done.
  • Share the ride. Spending multiple hours alone in a car each day can be lonely boring for many people. So instead of taking to the streets alone, share your drive with another person. Use the opportunity to rehearse your next proposal, pitch or to share your recent ideas with the other person. Having a co-pilot to share the drive can not only give you a space to share and help your time pass quicker, but can also help you save money on gas by allowing you to split the costs of driving with your companion.
  • Play a podcast. How many interests and hobbies are put on the back burner because of our busy schedules? Use the time during your commute to get some extracurricular learning accomplished by listening to podcasts. Podcasts come in an endless variety of themes and topics from fly fishing to physics; Ivy League colleges have begun to post free podcast lectures online.
  • Learn a language. One of the most desired but challenging aspirations for people is learning how to speak another language. For those of us who do not have access to a formal teacher or the time to take classes, our daily commute can be our best ally in learning a new language. Use the time you spend each day driving to and from work to listen to language audio to help you accomplish your goal.

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