5 more ways to get noticed by recruiters

Follow these tips to stand out.

5 more ways to get noticed by recruiters

Connecting with recruiters can help you find, apply and land a great new job. About a year ago, Monster published a popular blog post on 5 ways to get noticed by recruiters. Today, we’re revisiting the topic and offering five more ways to get noticed by recruiters. Check out both posts and you’ll be armed with plenty of ways to get noticed by recruiters.

Find a way to click

A candidate who looks a recruiter in the eye and makes a real connection within the first 30 to 60 seconds of meeting will grab her attention, says Taly Russell, CEO and founder of SilverChair Partners. Be yourself and let your personality shine through.

Ask questions about culture and transparency or other values that are important to you, says Adam Plachta, a recruiter at Tidemark. Asking questions that show you care about fit will give the recruiter an idea of what’s important to you.

Employ a little humor

“I love applicants that have something funny on their resume,” says Krista Morris, a professional resume writer, job coach and recruiter at Virtuoso Resumes. “It's incredibly disarming and shows that they don't take themselves too seriously.” It also makes you look confident. Don’t overdo it, though, and make sure it’s tasteful.

Quantify your achievements

Highlight what you’ve done and the results you delivered to your employers, says industrial psychologist Michael Mercer. The No. 1 way to stand out is to show how your achievements either measurably improved a company’s profits or reduced its costs, he says. Providing references for people who can back up or provide more details about your achievements is also helpful.

Every company wants to hire people who measurably increase profits, he says.

Prove your proficiencies

Many job candidates will say they’re proficient at something, but after a while, their assertions lose all significance, says Adrian Caso, HR/recruiting consultant at IntuuChina. Caso says he was scanning a resume one day when he noticed in the “skills” section a comment saying the applicant had built a fully functional and navigable Excel spreadsheet of all the family trees in “The Lord of the Rings.”

“Every day I see resumes that say someone is proficient in Excel, but that could mean anything and, honestly, most of the time I don't believe it. The statement not only made me stop and look over his resume again but also convinced me of his proficiency with a real-life example.”

Dress the part

Make sure you look put together and professional when you meet with a recruiter. Just because you aren’t on an official job interview doesn’t mean you can’t look sharp. “More often than not, people look sloppy,” says Jennifer Hill, principal and recruiter at JHill’s Staffing Services. “They come in with too much jewelry, too much make up or without a suit jacket. Everyone should invest in at least one sharp suit and the accessories to match.”

“I also appreciate a candidate who treats a meeting with a potential recruiter as they would any work interview,” Russell says. “The recruiter is the gateway to your next great job.”