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Which resume paper weight to pick - 24 vs 32 lb.

The weight of the resume paper could surprisingly give you an edge during your job search.

Which resume paper weight to pick - 24 vs 32 lb.

If you're like many job interview candidates, you give little thought to the paper you're printing your resume on. But surprisingly, your choice of resume paper could be more important than you think. So which paper weight should you print your resume on: 24 lbs. or 32 lbs.? Let's take a look at the options.

The case for 24 lbs. paper

24 lbs. paper is a common choice for resumes. In fact, much of what is sold as resume paper is the 24 lbs. weight. It strikes the happy medium between the thick 32 lbs. paper and flimsy 20 lbs. paper. Because of this, it stands up to frequent handling and prints well.

The case for 32 lbs. paper

Advocates of the heavier stock believe its extra weight gives a resume greater professionalism and gravitas. They also recommend using 32 lbs. paper weight for resumes because it stands out from the crowd. In a society where bigger is often considered better, it's easy to understand why so many people consider 32 lb. weight paper to be a premium product. This paper could also be more effective for creative resumes as it better handles the printing of graphics and strongly saturated colors.

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