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10 times Beyoncé personified your job search

Because the singer's 'Lemonade' album is actually full of excellent career advice.

10 times Beyoncé personified your job search

Beyoncé just released her new album, Lemonade, and already the internet is abuzz over some not-so-subtle lyrical insinuations about husband Jay-Z and his...let's say "side gigs."

Of course, the album finds her working through a dark personal moment with the same fierceness and self-possession that's made her an icon. And when it comes to your job search—which, let's be honest, can get pretty freakin' dark—you should endeavor to do as Bey does. Take the following situations, for example...

1. You hit the job listings like:

Prepare to #SLAY.

2. Every opportunity causes you to picture yourself doing this:

Just make sure you set aside 6% for your 401(k).

3. This happens when you walk into the interview room.

Don't ask why, it's just what happens.

4. And when you come out and find four other candidates sitting outside, you're like:


5. But two weeks later you find out someone else got the gig.

Probably Becky with the good hair.

6. You simply can't imagine why any company would hesitate to make this your reality:

Do all those internships count for nothing?

7. But seriously, you should put that baseball bat away.

"Smashes people in the face" is not appropriate resume fodder.

8. Maybe consider taking a quiet, pensive moment.

A quiet, pensive moment walking in slow motion through fire.

9. Like Bey, you need to remind yourself that when life gives you lemons, you make...

Sorry, wrong "Lemonade" GIF.

10. And no matter how dark your job search gets, don't forget that greatness lives within you.

For real, though: the whole "cheating Jay-Z" thing was invented to sell records, right?

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