Jobs for bike lovers

It’s National Bike Month, so why not take one of these jobs for a spin?

Jobs for bike lovers

May is perfect bike weather. Finally, it’s not so cold that the wind whips your face red, and it’s not hot enough yet where you’re nothing but a puddle of sweat by the end of your ride. Unless, of course, you prefer to bike indoors (or are just a biking badass), then every month is perfect bike weather.

Sure, you could take advantage of the nice spring weather and trade in your morning spin class for a bike commute to work, but our wheels are turning in another direction: Instead of biking to work, why not make bikes—and biking—your job?

May is National Bike Month (National Bike to Work Week is May 13–19), so we used salary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and PayScale to round up the top cycling jobs. Click through the list below to see if you’d like to take one of these jobs for a spin.

Bike courier

What you’d do: Keeping a careful eye out for car doors and jaywalkers, bike messengers pick up, carry, and deliver messages, documents, packages, food, and other items.

What you’d need: In addition to a working knowledge of local roads, you’ll generally need to provide your own bike.

What you’d make: $28,720 per year

Find bike delivery jobs on Monster.

Bike mechanic

What you’d do: Fix those fixies! Bicycle mechanics inspect, repair, and replace parts on bikes and keep up general bike maintenance.

What you’d need: A high school diploma should be sufficient.

What you’d make: $28,960 per year

Find bike mechanic jobs and bike technician jobs on Monster.

Bike store manager

What you’d do: Assist customers in finding the right bike for their body and usage.

What you’d need: In addition to knowledge of bikes and other sporting equipment, store managers usually have a postsecondary degree in business and extensive retail experience. View this sample resume for a retail store manager.

What you’d make: $39,630 per year

Find bike store manager jobs on Monster.

Cycling instructor

What you’d do: Ever take a spin class? It’s the instructor’s job to develop workout routines and create high-energy playlists, so they can lead and motivate a fitness class in either an indoor or outdoor setting.

What you’d need: In addition to a strong foundation in fitness, you’ll need to get certified as a group fitness trainer.

What you’d make: $35,916 per year

Find cycling instructor jobs on Monster.

Newspaper delivery

What you’d do: This is one of the most common first jobs people have. Having a paper route means you’ll be responsible for folding and assembling the newspaper and the delivering the paper to the homes and mailboxes of the subscribers on your route. The hours are typically either early in the morning or late afternoon.

What you’d need: There is typically no minimum age requirement to deliver newspapers on a paper route, just so long as you can handle the responsibilities of having a job.

What you’d make: $19,200 per year

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