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Ask Vicki: How do you write a career summary for a resume?

In this answer on Quora, Monster career expert Vicki Salemi explains how to position your work experience to give your resume a boost.

Ask Vicki: How do you write a career summary for a resume?

Each week, Monster’s career expert Vicki Salemi—a former recruiter who utilizes 15-plus years of experience in recruiting and human resources to empower job seekers—answers user questions on Quora. We’ll be republishing the answers here. If you have a question for Vicki, send it to

Vicki Salemi

Q. How do you write a career summary for a resume?

A. I love seeing a career summary on a resume, and you can write it at any point in your career.

Your career summary should quickly give a hiring manager an overall idea of your strengths. In no more than three sentences, mention your title and how your work experiences have been developed into stellar professional skills that get results. Be sure to include any highlights.

For example: “Outstanding sales manager with proven track record of relationship-building and development, resulting in $2M annual sales. Top regional sales manager for the past three years.”

You want the hiring manager know that you’re qualified and are someone they should call in for an interview.

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