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7 companies working to change the world

If you want to help make the world a better place, apply to jobs at these companies on Monster.

7 companies working to change the world

These companies are committed to helping others.

What are you most passionate about? Is it the environment? World hunger? Your local community?

With so much going on in the world today, many people wish they could do more to help. A recent Korn Ferry global survey shows that what employees really long for on the job is to do work that has purpose and meaning. This rings especially true for millennials, according to research from Deloitte. Essentially, people want to do work that will make a difference.

That being said, changing the world is impossible to do all by yourself. But as part of a larger organization, making an impact on the world can be a lot more attainable.

Recently, Fortune released their third annual list of companies working to solve societal problems, ranging from JPMorgan spurring economic revival to DSM fighting world hunger.

We took a look at the top 10 companies on Fortune’s list to see which ones are hiring on Monster right now. See if you can do some good at one of the companies below.

JPMorgan Chase

What they’re doing to change the world: JPMorgan is attempting to change the world at the local level. According to Fortune, the bank invests about $250 million annually into community-building investments, like small business development, job skills training, and neighbor revitalization. In Detroit, for example, Fortune reports that the bank’s efforts have created about 1,700 jobs and seeded more than 100 new businesses since 2014.

Frequently hiring for: Business systems analysts, software engineers, financial analysts

Find all jobs at JPMorgan Chase on Monster.


What they’re doing to change the world: Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. DSM aims to do both. The food science company works to eliminate hunger and malnutrition by developing nutrition products that help reach approximately 31 million people every year through the World Food Programme, and through its joint venture, Take African Improved Foods, which helps to boost the local food-processing industry in East Africa.

Frequently hiring for: Procurement managers, polymer machine operators, art directors

Find all jobs at DSM on Monster.


What they’re doing to change the world: With a larger cultural footprint than any other tech company, Apple is changing the world in more ways than one. For one, Apply runs its own facilities overwhelmingly on renewable energy. The company is also working to expand its developments in medical research and personal care through CareKit. Not to mention, Fortune reports that Apple has created 2 million U.S. jobs through its “app economy.”

Frequently hiring for: Software developers, customer service representatives, computer engineers

Find all jobs at Apple on Monster.


What they’re doing to change the world: Pharmaceutical giant Novartis is constantly making waves in the medical world with its experimental cancer therapies. And that’s not even the best part—the company offers treatments for deadly chronic illnesses and provides inexpensive screenings and education in developing countries like India, Kenya, and Vietnam.

Frequently hiring for: Medical scientists, sales representatives, biostatisticians, compliance managers

Find all jobs at Novartis on Monster.


What they’re doing to change the world: Walmart is using its influence as the nation’s largest retailer to push its thousands of suppliers to stop using hazardous chemicals, such as formaldehyde in about 90,000 household items. The retailer’s efforts have even inspired competitors, including Target, to make similar initiatives. This is all part of Walmart’s sustainability campaign, which has so far diverted 82% of materials away from landfills, according to Fortune.

Frequently hiring for: Order fillers, stock clerks, cashiers

Find all jobs at Walmart on Monster.


What they’re doing to change the world: If there’s one thing Toyota doesn’t like it’s pollution. Fortune credits Toyota with “normalizing” climate-friendly technology through its Prius sedans. But that’s not all the automaker is doing to change the world. Toyota’s Mirai, the first mass-produced, fuel-cell vehicle with zero emissions, will additionally help to eliminate pollution. Looking ahead, Toyota is working to develop solid-state batteries, too.

Frequently hiring for: Mechanical engineers, application engineers, production team members

Find all jobs at Toyota on Monster.

Johnson & Johnson

What they’re doing to change the world: Johnson & Johnson understands that children are our future. That’s why the company is expanding prenatal and early childhood care in India. Its “mMitra” program, roughly translating to “mobile friend,” is a free service that sends health updates and information to pregnant women and new moms in India. Fortune reports that this program has helped more than 700,000 Indian women since the project’s launch in 2014.

Frequently hiring for: Medical scientists, market research analysts, clinical quality managers

Find all jobs at Johnson & Johnson on Monster.

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