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Don't Work Yourself Sick

Don't Work Yourself Sick

By Dona DeZube, Monster Finance Careers Expert, and Allan Hoffman, Monster Tech Jobs Expert

Are you working yourself sick? Your attitude can play a major part in your happiness at work. Having a high level of control over your job responsibilities can backfire if you lack confidence or take setbacks too personally. Combine the two, and you're more vulnerable to infections, like bronchitis, influenza or even the common cold, says a study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology.      

Employees who thought they had control over their job responsibilities and who did not blame themselves for negative outcomes suffered the least amount of stress even in demanding jobs.

The bottom line, say researchers, is that if you have an inclination for self-blame, a job where you have less control in a high-demand atmosphere may be better -- that way you can blame the job instead of yourself when things go wrong.

Has this inspired you to look for healthier work pastures? Check out these 10 jobs that promote a healthy lifestyle and environment:

1. Activity Specialist

The Job: Coordinate recreational pursuits at hotels, nursing homes and other facilities.

Why It's Healthy: With a focus on staying fit, both mentally and physically, activity specialists work with others to maintain an active, positive attitude toward life.

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2. Chiropractor

The Job: Treat patients with back problems and other spine-related ailments. 

Why It's Healthy: Focusing on a holistic attitude toward health, chiropractors are concerned with diet, exercise and other issues related to well-being.

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3. Choreographer

The Job: Work with dancers, directors and set designers to arrange dances.

Why It's Healthy: Choreographers are often dancers themselves, so they practice their craft on a daily basis, while focusing on a group endeavor.

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4. Florist

The Job: Provide flowers for a variety of celebrations and events, from Mother's Day to weddings.

Why It's Healthy: Florists surround themselves with beauty, and many find the art of flower arranging relaxing.
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5. Massage Therapist

The Job: Perform massages at health clubs and spas or in private sessions.

Why It's Healthy: A massage therapist, in addition to focusing on relaxation, helps aid in muscle recovery. As this is a hands-on job, massage therapists must be fit and have the benefit of working in a tranquil, relaxing setting.

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6. Nutritionist 

The Job: Work with patients and other clients at clinics, corporations and hospitals to craft proper diets. 

Why It's Healthy: Too many of us don't think about what we eat. Nutritionists do all the time.

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7. Personal Trainer

The Job: Work with individuals to help them lose weight and get in shape. 

Why It's Healthy: The nature of personal trainers' work requires them to work out with clients, thereby benefiting from the extra exercise. What's more, unless trainers are fit, they'll never find clients to work with them.

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8. Professor

The Job: Tenured professors teach two or three classes each semester and work on scholarly articles and books. 

Why It's Healthy: With flexible schedules and opportunities for time off, including sabbaticals, professors have ample opportunity to craft a healthy lifestyle while pursuing intellectual stimulation.

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9. Running Coach

The Job: Mentor and motivate student athletes.

Why It's Healthy: Often runners themselves, running coaches stay fit, even as they lead others in an endeavor about both team dynamics and individual goals.

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10. Yoga Instructor

The Job: Hold classes at health clubs, schools and other facilities. 

Why It's Healthy: Yoga can be physically demanding but is also a meditative practice. Yoga instructors often adhere to eastern philosophies emphasizing balance and contentment.

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