10 ways we wish our bosses would show their appreciation

Because Friday is Employee Appreciation Day—and you better not blow it.

10 ways we wish our bosses would show their appreciation

It's Employee Appreciation Day, when the skies open up and your company showers you with Lamborghinis, free trips to Dubai, World Series tickets, billboards across the country featuring huge images of your face...

Just kidding! We all know we're lucky to get out with much more than a friendly nod and a pat on the back. But we can dream—and dream we did, coming up with 10 ways we wish our bosses would show their appreciation on this day of thanks. Sure, a few of them may seem a little outlandish (OK, a lot outlandish), but sometimes you need to think outside the box to show your employees that they mean more to you than a $10 Target gift card.

Bosses, read on. And workers: We hope you get that Lambo this year.

1. Catered meals


2. Dress code relaxations

A giant meat suit-clad worker is a productive worker.

3. Formal recognition

This isn't employee of the month. This is employee of the life.

4. Social media shoutouts


5. Ball pits filled with puppies

Ball pits filled with puppies.

6. Gratuitous finger guns

Finger guns are conducive to a positive office culture.

7. Whatever's going on here


8. Seriously, though. A small office gathering would be nice.

Pool noodles optional.

9. It doesn't have to be anything fancy.

Monocles also optional.

10. Just take a moment to tell us we're appreciated. And mean it.

We'll still take that gift card, though.