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Five Simple Ways to Motivate Your Staff

Five Simple Ways to Motivate Your Staff

By Caroline Levchuck, Yahoo! HotJobs

Even the greatest jobs can become monotonous from time to time, and even the greatest employees can become unmotivated. As a team leader, it can seem hard to help staffers maintain their momentum on the job, but it doesn't have to be. Small gestures go a long way in winning the favor of your team members.

Try one of these five fun and low-cost methods for getting your staff inspired once again.

Give a Gift Certificate

Gift certificates are an affordable way to reward an employee for going the extra mile.

Popular choices that are pleasing to most employees include coffee gift cards and music download subscriptions.

Because most gift certificates can be purchased in modest denominations, you can likely avoid going through lots of corporate red tape to receive company permission and/or petty cash.

Spread the Joy with Happy Hour

Plan a Friday night happy hour for your immediate staff where you can all bond over a cocktail or two away from work and the rest of the company.

An hour spent kicking back with colleagues at a local watering hole can create camaraderie and allow you and your team to get to know each other better. Just remember not to overindulge when you drink or share stories.

That's the Ticket!

What's the next big summer blockbuster that's coming to a theater near you? Find out and buy tickets to it for you and your staff. Ask management if you and your team can leave work an hour or two early for extra excitement.

If your staffers are more interested in sports, get group tickets to a baseball or basketball game. Contact the group ticket sales department of your local arena or stadium to ensure that you all are able to sit together.

Subsidize Their Education

Show your teammates that you want to help them grow by investing in their success. Get permission from management to fund career development classes for staffers.

Rather than recommending specific courses, encourage everyone to to find a class that is interesting to them personally as well as being helpful to their growth on your team.

Compliment Them with Comp Time

When people put in extra hours for you, go the extra mile for them by arranging for comp time. Keep track of the overtime each staffer puts in and speak with your supervisor or human resources manager about rewarding each individual with a "free" day off.

This may be outside company policy, but if your team members are consistently burning the midnight oil, management may agree that rewarding them with comp time is better than having them burn out.

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