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Handling Sticky Situations at an Entry-Level Job

How to handle dilemmas at work and make these uncomfortable predicaments a little easier

Handling Sticky Situations at an Entry-Level Job

Being the new guy, or girl, at an entry-level job puts you at the bottom of the office pool. You come into work every day trying to prove yourself, do your best and impress your boss. In the midst of your daily tasks you try to stay true to yourself and sometimes you are put in situations that will make you uncomfortable or upset with your boss, coworkers, or higher-ups in your organization. You may feel like you do not have a voice to say something because of your position.

Here are some ways to make this uncomfortable situation a little easier.

Weigh the pros and cons

After you experience a situation in your office that makes you feel uncomfortable  whether it’s a comment your boss made, a conversation you were around for or an email you received  make sure you take time to think about it first. What about the situation made you upset and will bringing it up make it even worse? Will you not be able to sleep at night if you don’t say anything? Usually giving a little time to think can make the comment seem not as bad, or a whole lot worse.

Talk with someone you trust

Is there a director or supervisor in your organization that you trust? If yes, then go to them and explain the situation. Depending on who this person is, it may be better not to use names, but just explain what happened and how you feel it is getting in the way of your work. They may be able to give you better advice on how to handle responding or not responding. They may also take on the responsibility themselves, as a person with greater power in the organization and handle the situation for you. Either way it is good to talk it out with someone you trust and also understands the office dynamics.

Let it marinate

If you decide that sending an email to respond is the right choice then make sure not to get trigger happy with the send button. Draft the email and then sleep on it. You may feel a lot differently the next day when you are not so hyped up on emotion. You don’t want to send an email you will regret, so just look it over for a little while and make sure it’s professional, to the point and explains how this comment/conversation/email has affected the work environment of your organization.

Try to avoid using “this made me feel” and try and focus on how your work or the work of the organization has suffered from this behavior or comment.

You will always work with people that may put you in these situations, but at least now you may be better equipped to handle them.

Monster Wants to Know: Have you ever had a work conflict at an entry-level job? How did you handle it? Share with us in the comment section.

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