10 health care jobs for germaphobes

Love working in health care but want to avoid working with sick people? Don’t sneeze at these jobs.

10 health care jobs for germaphobes

Work in the field without delivering direct patient care.

Faint at the sight of blood? Hopelessly bummed by the idea of having to deliver bad news all day? You may have written off health care as a career path, but there are actually a number of health care jobs that allow you to work in the field without delivering direct patient care.

Monster used data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and PayScale to compile this list of 10 great jobs if health care is your thing but sick people are definitely not. 

Hospital administrator

What you’ll do: Hospital administrators run the show. In a few words: At this job, sometimes called medical and health services manager, you’ll plan, direct and coordinate medical and health services on behalf of a department or clinical area at a hospital. These extremely necessary staffers have to make sure the business adjusts as needed to conform with changes in health care laws, regulations and technology.

What it pays: $99,730 per year

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Intake coordinator

What you’ll do: Intake coordinators serve on the front lines—or at least at the front desk —to work with patients as they arrive. At this job, you are the first point of contact for patients, so a solid customer service skill set is key. You’ll greet and check in patients, verify appointment and insurance information, collect payment if required, schedule appointments, and perform other clerical tasks as needed.

What it pays: $39,738 per year

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Laboratory technician

What you’ll do: At this job you won’t be treating sick people, but you’ll be addressing the very pathogens that make them sick. Lab technicians collect samples from patients and perform tests. Medical laboratory technicians analyze various body fluids, tissue and other substances to aid physicians in diagnosis and treatment plans.

What it pays: $52,330 per year

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Medical billing specialist

What you’ll do: Medical billing specialists juggle all the numbers, including the maze of billing codes, to make sure the right entity is billed or paid. You’ll also prepare bills for patients, submit insurance claims, appeal any denials and work with patients and insurance companies to get bills approved and paid.

What it pays: $40,350 per year

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Medical compliance specialist

What you’ll do: Medical compliance specialists provide oversight to make sure the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed with regard to medical compliance rules. At this job you’ll maintain training and recertification schedules, review contracts, provide updates on regulatory changes and coordinate the submission and status of incident reports.

What it pays: $67,870 per year

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Medical records coordinator

What you’ll do: Medical records coordinators oversee the mountains of data that make up patient records. At this job, sometimes referred to as health information technicians, you’d be responsible for organizing and managing health information data. You’ll need to make sure information is accurate, accessible and secure in both paper files and electronic systems. You’ll also code and categorize patient information for insurance reimbursement purposes, for databases and registries, and to maintain patients’ medical and treatment histories.

What it pays: $40,350 per year

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Medical staffing coordinator

What you’ll do: Medical staffing coordinators provide oversight for the overall medical staff, including ensuring that everyone conforms with regulations. Staffing coordinators maintain credentials and privileges for physicians and allied health professionals, and may also be involved in recruiting.

What it pays: $38,981 per year

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Medical transcriptionist

What you’ll do: Medical transcriptionists turn doctors’ recordings into documents saved as medical records. At this job you’ll listen to voice recordings made by physicians and other health care workers and convert them into written reports. Your work will also include interpreting medical terminology and abbreviations in preparing patients’ medical histories, discharge summaries and other documents.

What it pays: $34,770 per year

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Public health educator

What you’ll do: Public health educators spread the word about how to be healthier. At this job you’ll meet with the public to promote wellness, and develop and implement strategies to improve the health of individual patients or entire communities. Public health educators also collect data and discuss health concerns with members of specific populations or communities.

What it pays: $46,080 per year

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Quality assurance specialist

What you’ll do: Quality assurance specialists make sure medical products make the grade in terms of quality. At this job you’ll look for defects or deviations from ideal product design in materials, parts or products from a medical products company. In the medical field, this can include inspecting everything from drug storage facilities to custom orthotics and prostheses to ensure quality and safety.

What it pays: $57,121 per year

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