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These 10 U.S. locations are havens for health care professionals

According to a recent study, there are a handful of places around the U.S. where health care jobs are proliferating. The cities may surprise you.

These 10 U.S. locations are havens for health care professionals

As a health care professional, you know you can work virtually anywhere. Heck, you can even work virtually.

But, where exactly are the jobs growing for health care workers?

Recently, Abodo, a Madison, Wisconsin-based apartment rental search engine, crunched Bureau of Labor Statistics data to figure out which cities have the highest density of health care jobs compared to the national average, which has shown 9.89% growth between 2012 and 2015, according to the study.

Abodo’s study applies a “location quotient” to each city as a way of determining how each city ranks in terms of health care jobs. A location quotient of greater than one indicates the occupation has a higher share of health care jobs compared to the national average, and a quotient less than one shows the city’s share is below average, according to Abodo’s methodology.

That said, major population centers like New York City and Los Angeles didn’t make Abodo’s list. (Although you’ll no doubt find a plethora of health care jobs in both of those cities.)

Instead, the list tells us which cities are the up-and-comers when it comes to health care work. For example, you’ll find cities like Columbus, Ohio, and Jacksonville, Florida here, to name a few.

Take a look at the list below to find out just where health care work is proliferating. And if you see a job you like in the city you live—go ahead and click through to the jobs and apply.


1. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Abodo’s Location quotient: 1.34

Health care is the largest industry in Philly, accounting for 22% of jobs, according to Philadelphia Works. Jobs in this health care hot bed can be found within the University of Pennsylvania Health System and at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children, to name a few.

Find all health care jobs in Philadelphia.


2. Detroit, Michigan

Abodo’s location quotient: 1.2

More than half of the health care-related businesses in Michigan are located in Detroit, with more than 13,000 health care companies and more than 365,000 jobs in the region, according to the Detroit Regional Chamber. The region is home to several destination medical centers, including Detroit Medical Center and University of Michigan Health System.

Find all health care jobs in Detroit.


3. Boston, Massachusetts

Abodo’s location quotient: 1.18

Boston is home to more than 20 hospitals, from giants like Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital to specialty institutions, such as Arbour Hospital for psychiatric care and Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital for long-term care. Not to mention, many medical firsts have happened in this New England port city, from the first public demonstration of general anesthesia to the first successful human-organ transplant.

Find all health care jobs in Boston.


4. Indianapolis, Indiana

Abodo’s location quotient: 1.16

Home to the No. 1 hospital in the state, according to U.S. News & World Report, Indiana University Health is nationally ranked in eight adult and 10 pediatric specialties. Additionally, St. Vincent Health, pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly and Company and Community Health Network make up some of the city’s largest employers in life sciences, according to the Indy Chamber.

Find all health care jobs in Indianapolis.


5. Jacksonville, Florida

Abodo’s location quotient: 1.12

With more than 20 hospitals, including one of only three Mayo Clinics and the largest private employer, Baptist Health, it’s no wonder that one in six people in this northeast Florida city work in the health care sector, according to JAX USA. Additionally, Jacksonville’s University of Florida Health has been ranked for the past two years in Forbes’ listing of “America’s Best Employers,” according to the organization’s website.

Find all health care jobs in Jacksonville.


6. Nashville, Tennessee

Abodo’s location quotient: 1.1

Generating more than 250,000 jobs annually, health care is Nashville’s largest and fastest-growing employer with nearly 400 health care companies in the region, according to the Nashville Health Care Council. Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Saint Thomas Hospitals are major players in this city.

Find all health care jobs in Nashville.


7. Memphis, Tennessee

Abodo’s location quotient: 1.09

A worldwide leader in spinal and orthopedic implant development and manufacturing, according to the Greater Memphis Chamber, the city has become a bioscience hub in recent years. Some of the city’s top employers include Microport Orthopedics, Baptist Memorial Healthcare, Bioventus and Cognate Bioservices.

Find all health care jobs in Memphis.


8. Columbus, Ohio

Abodo’s location quotient: 1.07

The Columbus region, employing more than 45,000 people in the health care sector, according to Columbus 2020, boasts several world-renowned health care systems, including OhioHealth and Licking Memorial Health Systems.

Find all health care jobs in Columbus.


9. San Antonio, Texas

Abodo’s location quotient: 1.05

You’ll be sure to find friends in San Antonio’s booming health care industry, as the city’s Economic Development Department found that one in six people work in health care and biosciences here. San Antonio is home to two Level 1 trauma centers—University Health System and San Antonio Military Medical Center—as well as leading biotech companies Medtronic and Becton Dickinson.

Find all health care jobs in San Antonio.


10. Chicago, Illinois

Abodo’s location quotient 0.94

In Chicago, you’ll find the headquarters for the American Hospital Association, so you know the city means business when it comes to health care. Not to mention, Northwestern MedicinePresence Health and Rush University Medical Center are some of the top companies in this city hiring on Monster.

Find all health care jobs in Chicago.


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