List of important skills for an accounting resume

Having the right skills on your resume can help you get the accounting job you want. You can count on it.

List of important skills for an accounting resume

As an accounting professional, you crunch numbers with the agility of a math pro, so you should have no problem getting an accounting job, right? But numbers aren't all that count. The accounting skills on your resume should highlight a combination of technical knowledge, value, and soft skills. Here are some top skills to think about as you outfit your accountant resume.

Most important accounting skills to put on your resume

Identify the accounting skills that are most relevant for the job you are applying for. Do you have work experience in public accounting, financial reporting, or business administration? Make it easy for your potential employer to size up your background and skill set; summarize your key assets and most important experiences at the top of your resume.

Show your accomplishments and use specific number values when possible. There's a real difference between saying you "analyzed business performance" and saying you "analyzed business performance over a three-month period and delivered a 30% cost reduction." Numbers and clear details make a stronger impression and allow your potential employer to quantify your successes in real terms.

Wherever applicable, showcase your leadership or management experiences, such as managing a client's entire investment portfolio or overseeing a team of analysts. Also point out your computer and software skills, like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office, and QuickBooks.

Specialized skills and knowledge

If you're applying for a specialized accounting job, you will want to show what, if any, related experience you have in the field. Environmental accounting may call for some knowledge about environmental economics such as waste management costs or resource policies and concerns.

International accounting, however, requires a firm grasp of the global economy and international trade laws. Highlight your knowledge, background, experience, and training in specialized areas.

Soft skills that should go on your accounting resume

Great people skills and communication

Accounting is a service field. You're in it to help people (or companies and organizations) realize their financial goals and turn those financial achievements into real-world opportunities and assets. It's not a superhero role, but it is a fundamentally social one.

On your resume, show key communication skills through your role in interdepartmental or interorganizational collaborations, formal and informal presentations, and your participation in important meetings, discussions, and conferences. Describe situations where you led successful negotiations between parties. These specific and focused details go a long way in showing your competence, professionalism, and drive for success in your work.

Critical thinking and problem solving

Critical thinking and problem solving are highly sought-after soft skills but some employers complain that these skills are lacking among candidates. Stand out by demonstrating that you excel in these areas. Describe specific experiences that required a strategic and solution-oriented approach.

Maybe you foresaw a potential investment problem or discovered problematic elements in a business's strategic approach. You then crafted a new strategy that neutralized initial concerns while attracting added benefits for your clients.

If you're seeking entry-level jobs, the same advice applies for describing your resume accounting skills; just strengthen your soft skills, and emphasize the accomplishments of relevant non-employment or non-accounting experiences that still show off your fundamental abilities.

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