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A Personal Account of a Skype Interview Overseas

Make sure to give them a video interview that makes them forget they didn’t meet you in person

A Personal Account of a Skype Interview Overseas

A train screeches by shaking the building for a moment. “Sorry,” I say politely on the phone to a recruiter interviewing me for a job.

“The Waterloo tube station is right outside my hostel in London. Sometimes this happens.”

He laughs and briefly recounts a trip he took to the U.K.

I remember thinking it would be impossible to apply for jobs while traveling abroad.

The logistics made it hard because I was unsure where I’d be, how many minutes I had left on my SIM card and if I’d have free WiFi. Yet, I was going home soon and needed a job. Since I believed I was qualified for the position, I didn’t want to be disqualified because of location.

If you’re a student preparing to graduate and looking for a job in another state (or country) what are your options? It seems impossible to find time to fly across the country for one day to do an interview, let alone, be able to afford that.

However, the reality is we live in a digital world that makes it easy for distance to disappear. Through Skype, you can still have the chance to be considered for the job.

My first thoughts were similar to others. Would it be weird? What do I wear? Do I call them back if the connection gets lost? I was worried at first because I was afraid I couldn’t make a good impression from a computer screen.

The first question the interviewers asked me was “so where are you?”

We laughed because I was at my grandmother’s house in Germany and her cat kept walking around in the background. But, in all honesty, it made the interview less awkward. The interviewers themselves were curious about my life since I wasn’t in their location yet. They wanted to know what I was doing and how I was planning to get there eventually. Thus, it gave us a lot to talk about, which put me at ease so I didn’t feel as nervous.

Some might find it unusual to apply to a job in a state you don’t currently reside in. I decided it could be an advantage. The commitment to finding a way to meet outside of the in-person interview shows your enthusiasm and dedication.

Additionally, depending on the position, it shows you’re adaptable, technologically savvy and a strong communicator. A Skype interview is a chance to show that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get the job, even if that means sitting in the kitchen of a hostel in Europe with an interrupting train in your background.

If you’re confident and prove you’re right for the position, you can remove the distance from their minds and set yourself up for landing the job. Give them a great interview that would make the company excited to meet you in person.

More importantly, give them an interview that makes them forget they didn’t meet you in person.

Monster Wants to Know: What are tricks you've used to nail a Skype interview? Anything you do differently in a Skype interview versus an in-person interview? Share with us in the comment section.

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