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Job search mind tricks from a Harvard psychiatrist

Looking for a new job is one of the most stressful things you will ever undertake. And as much as we try to make it easier at Monster, we get it. You might still end up with feelings of severe anxiety (Will I ever find the right job? Will I be unemployed forever?), as well as panic, and a sense of just being overwhelmed by it all.

This is something Dr. Srini Pillay, author of the new book Tinker Doodle, Dabble, Try: Unlock The Power of an Unfocused Mind, knows very well.  A Harvard psychiatrist and brain researcher, his new book lays out research-based techniques that have been proven to change your brain and reduce those negative, soul-crushing feelings so that you can free up your mind for the good things in life—like finding the right job.

In our latest podcast, he explains in simple language his unique techniques, including:

-       How to doodle your way to better focus

-       How a long walk can unblock creativity

-       How positive self-talk can actually change your behavior

You’ll want to save this one, because Dr. Pillay packs a lot in, sharing a variety of brain tricks that could help your job search—and the rest of your life!

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