Job-Search Tips for People Over 40

Five Tips for Rejuvenating Your Resume and Improving Your Job Prospects

Job-Search Tips for People Over 40

By Robert DiGiacomo, for Yahoo HotJobs!

For job seekers over 40, Botox is the answer, according to journalist and image consultant Lisa Johnson Mandell.

But that's Botox for your resume -- not your face -- says Mandell, the author of Career Comeback: Repackage Yourself to Get the Job You Want.

Among her tips that can help over-40 job seekers rejuvenate a sagging resume: Eliminate college graduation dates, use current buzzwords and terms, delete any listings for jobs from more than 15 years ago, and replace the traditional summary with bulletpoints that list career highlights.

In a tough job market with older workers staying in the job market longer, staying competitive can be a challenge. Here are five ways for mid-career professionals to put on their best professional face.

You May Be Over 40, But Act Like It's Your First Job

Turn up the energy, and remember to smile when you walk into an interview -- this can ward off concerns that your heart isn't in this job change, says career coach Robin Ryan, the author of Over 40 & You're Hired! Secrets to Landing a Great Job.

"Especially once they hit 50, people can lack energy and vitality," Ryan says. "Employers interpret that as you're just looking for a paycheck."

What Have You Done Lately?

Be prepared to tout recent successes, instead of just citing a litany of long-past accomplishments.

If you can, "walk into an interview with at least three or four examples of how in the last couple of years you've helped a company save money or make money," Ryan says.

Show Your Tech Cred

Launch a blog or create your own area on a business social network to turn around any misperceptions that mid-career workers don't understand technology. Be sure to post an updated -- and flattering -- photo.

"Blogging shows people that you are tech-savvy and Web-savvy, and that you have a social network," Mandell says.

Go Back to School

For a stay-at-home parent or anyone who's been out of the workplace for several years, address skill or knowledge gaps by seeking out classes and professional certifications.

"Look at coursework that will help you," Ryan says. "If you don't have good Microsoft Office skills, you need to be taking classes and working on that every day. That will stop you more than anything."

Look Good at Any Age

If you're a manager with 20 years of experience, look the part. Update your work wardrobe regularly and avoid wearing a suit that's more than two years old to an interview.

"Make sure you're dressed to show you're worth the salary employers are going to spend," Ryan says.

Women over 40 should rethink their makeup by consulting with a professional at a department store or salon. (Tip: Red lipstick after a certain age makes you look older.)

"You want to be as attractive as you can, but not look like a painted doll," Ryan says.

For women, coloring your hair after 40 is probably a good idea to better flatter your face, while men who have mustaches or a comb over should consider getting out the razor -- clean-shaven is almost always the better way to go.

"It's not that you want to deceive anybody by appearing younger than you are," Mandell says. "But you want to appear ageless and timeless, and definitely current."