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Here’s your chance to work with Kanye West

Adidas recently partnered with West on his YEEZY fashion line, and we’ve got the jobs right now (as well as a heartfelt apology).

Here’s your chance to work with Kanye West

We’re sorry, Kanye. We know we ragged on you hard about that whole “$53 million in debt” thing earlier this year, but we never would’ve imagined that you’d go from being the Howard Hughes of the rap game to a bona fide job creator. So when we heard that Adidas is making a ton of hires to help run your YEEZY fashion line, we figured it was time to put past beefs aside and change our tune a bit.

Adidas is calling that partnership the biggest yet “between a non-athlete and an athletic brand.” While that admittedly sounds like a short list, we’re sure many of our readers would be excited by the prospect of working on your products. Oh, we’re also sorry we described your clothes as wearable lawn bags.

The open positions are certainly enticing. Most are fairly senior-level: Adidas currently has open calls for PR managers, footwear developers, design directors and more. The job descriptions, we’re thrilled to report, are blissfully free of Taylor Swift references.

Of course, you’re hardly the first rapper to start your own fashion line. But you’ve created more jobs than, say, Lil B, and that makes you a hero in our book.

We still think you’d make a great nanny, though.

Here’s the full list of YEEZY jobs (capitalization not ours) now available.

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