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Monster poll: Most job candidates prioritize work/life balance

Finding the ideal workplace can mean different things to different people. But there does seem to be consensus that work-schedule flexibility is paramount, according to a recent poll of U.S. job seekers conducted on Monster asked which “soft,” or non-financial, benefit is most important when considering a new job. Nearly 70 percent of the 2,293 respondents reported “work schedule flexibility” as most important with “vacation/time off” coming in a distant second (17 percent). The poll reflects a trend among seekers to look for the workplace that cares for their needs outside of the office, according to Mary Ellen Slayter, career advice expert for Monster. “Even the most dedicated employees value a healthy work/life balance,” she said. Other benefits — such as education reimbursement, childcare availability and employee social activities — were valued less by job candidates. These benefits were most attractive to only 18 percent of respondents.

“It’s important to understand the flexibility your company, or a prospective employer, currently allows, and to explore options that could improve flexible work options,” Slayter said. However, she added, this sort of workplace flexibility can vary. “Some industries and job functions are better positioned to exploit this type of benefit than others,” Slayter said. “Every employee situation is different, but it appears most will appreciate this approach to their benefits package.” Here’s the data from the poll:

  • 69% of respondents selected: flexible work schedule/work life balance
  • 17% of respondents selected: personal time off/vacation carry over
  • 8% of respondents selected: education reimbursement
  • 4% of respondents selected: childcare availability
  • 2% of respondents selected: employee parties/social activities

To read more about the poll, read the full press release. The results of the current Monster Poll are not scientific and are based on votes cast by visitors on the U.S. Monster homepage and social media channels from Oct. 21 to Nov. 4.

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