Nursing resume objective examples

Resume objectives are starting to get more outdated, but in some cases may still help with your nursing job search.

Nursing resume objective examples

Resume objectives may no longer be a hard and fast requirement for every job or resume—the career summary is more common nowadays—but when you're looking for nursing jobs, objectives may help show off your "vital signs" to an employer. Here are some nurse resume objective examples you can use for inspiration.

Crafting your nursing resume objective

Before you write an objective, think about the type of nursing job you want and the specific job you're applying for. The objective is a short and direct way to tell a potential employer who you are and why you're the best for the job. Use strong adjectives to describe your skills and what you want out of your nursing career.

Sample objectives for nursing resumes

Patient-focused and empathic registered nurse seeking position with growing medical practice. Bringing experience, care, and extensive knowledge to help improve the lives of patients.

Compassionate and hard-working nurse looking for a position in a small-town hospital. Bringing my experience working in high-stress situations in the emergency room and other fields.

Thoughtful, caring registered nurse seeks position working with special needs children. Offering extensive educational background, internships to help those who need it most.

Ready to use my administrative skills and thorough sense of detail for a nursing management position. Seeking a growing or new medical practice to help build effective healthcare for all patients.

Energetic professional seeking a nursing position in a medical clinic devoted to the public's access to healthcare. Bringing focus, attention to detail, and a caring smile to patients of all ages and needs.

Established nursing professional looking for the opportunity to teach new and future nurses as well as offer effective and caring healthcare to patients in a large teaching hospital.

Things to remember when writing your nursing objective

When you write the objective for your resume, keep a few things in mind:

  • Include the name of the hospital, facility, or office if you're sending your resume in for a particular position.
  • Write no more than two sentences.
  • Consider the position you're applying for and the type of patient you will be working with in your objective.
  • Think of your ideal position and your best attributes as a nurse when crafting your objective.

Your resume objective is your opportunity to shine. Nearly every other job candidate will have a similar educational history; others may have a more extensive work history. Your resume objective is your chance to tell a short story about yourself. Are you hard-working, always smiling, ready to sing and dance for small children in your care? What makes you special and stand out the most in a professional atmosphere and how do you plan to use that in your next position? When you can answer those questions, you're on the path to writing a resume objective that will land you the nursing job of your dreams.

For a healthy job search, do this

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