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8 Must-Ask Questions for a Job Interviewer – And Yourself

Interview questions that will help you make your decision and impress your future employer

8 Must-Ask Questions for a Job Interviewer – And Yourself

So you snagged the interview and the job almost seems like it was made for you, right?

No matter how good the job may seem on paper, there are crucial questions you need to ask the employer and yourself. U.S. News & World Report came up with questions that will not only help you make your decision but they are sure to impress your future employer.

"Ask the interviewer: How do employees develop and learn?"

No matter what your expertise, there's always room for improvement. It's important to show the interviewer that you're willing to learn on the job. This investment will in turn make you more valuable and attractive for possible promotions or advancement opportunities. 

"Ask the interviewer: How do you evaluate performance?"

You want to know what the company values so you can grow. This will help you understand what qualities will help get you that promotion.

"Ask yourself: Does the offer meet most of my needs?"

You need to make a list of your priorities and clearly establish what your most important needs are. Oftentimes, the offer may not satisfy your every need. If you're looking to make a certain salary that you cannot budge on, then try to negotiate either numbers or benefits. If you're going to spend more on the commute, see if there's wiggle room to work one day from home. The offer may not be perfect but if it meets most of your important needs, it's a win. 

"Ask yourself: Is there an opportunity to expand my skills and experience?"

Learning on the job will prep you for better opportunities down the road in your career. Don't be intimidated by what you don't know. Employers like individuals who are ready to take on a challenge and who can learn on the job. Flexibility goes a long way.

"Ask the interviewer: Why is this position open and/or why did the predecessor leave?"

Just because you got the interview, it does not mean this is your dream job. It's important to understand the company's expectations of the role you're applying for. Do they care about their employees? Is this a good fit for you? Will this push you and add to your skill set a year from now? These are good questions to consider in understanding why the company may be filling the role.

"Ask the interviewer: What is the financial health of this company?"

Follow the $$$. It's important to know if the company is moving forward. Their financial standing will indicate your future standing and promotion opportunities. A struggling company means a struggling you.

"Ask yourself: Do I know very clearly what's expected of me in this job?"

Goal-setting is a very important part of the interview and hiring process. You should have goals for yourself but you should also have goals outlined for the position you're applying for. Asking this directly to your interviewer will give you insight as to what you can expect and if you can handle it.

"Ask the interviewer: Could I speak to a potential colleague in the department?"

Company culture is a big one that may slip past you in the interview. Making sure you're a good fit for the company and that the company is a good fit for you is crucial. Employers want to know you can produce on your own, but also, as part of a team. 

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