Ask Vicki: Is it appropriate to respond to a job rejection letter?

In this answer on Quora, Monster career expert Vicki Salemi stresses the importance of professionalism—especially when you're disappointed.

Ask Vicki: Is it appropriate to respond to a job rejection letter?

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Vicki Salemi

Q. Is it appropriate to respond to a job rejection letter?

A. It depends. I’ll work through a few scenarios for you here.

If you want to respond in a negative way, like, “You companies are all alike! I have all of the skills and you still don’t want me? Forget that,” well, please don’t do that. You could be blowing your chance at future opportunities at that same company. I’ve hired people who I rejected in the past for whatever reason (maybe an internal candidate got the gig).

However, if you harbor no bad feelings, it’s OK to reach out, thank the company for their consideration, and mention you’d like to be kept in mind for future offers.

Whenever a rejected candidate wrote back to me cordially, thanked me for my time, and indicated they were still interested in the company should another opportunity arise, they made it easy for me to reach out to them in the future. In a nutshell, they handled themselves professionally.

But if you’re just pissed off and have no desire to work for the company in the future, silence is your best way to respond. Lose the battle to win the war. Keep looking for jobs on Monster, and know that a different kind of letter—a job offer—will be on its way.

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