Quiz: Do you really know how to write a resume?

Think you know what makes a good resume? Take our quiz to test your knowledge. There might be some things you need to change before you apply to your next job.

Quiz: Do you really know how to write a resume?

Get answers to your burning resume questions.

You think you know what recruiters want in a resume, but do you really?

For some of you more confident job seekers, you might think your resume writing abilities are as flawless as Beyoncé (eyeroll)…while others will admit to just winging it like a bird (gulp).

Either way, everyone—from entry-level to executive job seekers—could benefit from a refresher course in Resume Writing 101. After all, recruiters typically only spend a mere six seconds looking at a resume before deciding yay or nay, so having an A+ resume is vital to finding a job.

While there are some hard-fast rules that might read like common sense (spellcheck, spellcheck, spellcheck), there are some elements to resume writing that will probably surprise even the most experienced job seeker. For all you know, your resume might be making you look like a dinosaur—even if you’re only just starting out in your career.

Want to put your resume knowledge to the test? Take our quiz below to see if your resume is good enough to get you a job.

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