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22 rookie interview mistakes to avoid

If job interviews sound about as much fun as moving back in with mom and dad, don’t worry. Just avoid these 22 things and you’ll be fine.

22 rookie interview mistakes to avoid

Congrats, new grads. You didn’t sleep through any of your finals, you somehow managed to clean out your dorm or apartment, and most importantly, you avoided tripping as you walked across that stage. Now, it’s out of the frying pan and into the fire. You’re out in the real world and it’s time to find a job. Step 1, don’t make any of these rookie moves:

1. Chewing gum:


2. Avoiding eye contact with your interviewer:


3. Making too much eye contact:


4. Touching your hair constantly:


5. Smiling too much in an effort to seem friendly:


6. Wearing overpowering perfume or cologne:


7. Forgetting to floss after that poppy seed bagel:


8. Checking the time. What, you have somewhere better to be?


9. Using your phone:


10. Fidgeting with your chair:


11. Talking way too much:


12. Overusing “like,” “uh,” or “um”


13. The ol’ ‘humblebrag’


14. Forgetting your interviewer’s name:


15. Using one word answers:


16. Or blatant lies to seem important:


17. Badmouthing your last employer:


18. Being rude to the receptionists or security:


19. Overusing buzzwords:


20. Dressing too casually:


21. Acting like you’re the greatest thing ever to have graced their conference room:


22. Showing up late:

Worried? You shouldn’t be. Now that you’ve learned what not to do, you have no other option but to nail that interview! If you think you could still use a few more tips though, be sure to check out our college grad’s guide to dressing for job interviews.

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