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Startup Series: 5 Benefits of Startup Culture

Startups are always hiring and are a great option for post-grads stressed about the cost of living

Startup Series: 5 Benefits of Startup Culture

One of the biggest challenges during the job hunt is learning how to adapt to the reality of post-grad life. You’ll have to pay rent, start paying back loans and you’ll begin to realize just how expensive groceries, coffee and drinks are.

Working at a startup helps bridge college life and the real world by creating a fun culture with the necessary benefits you’ll need to survive in the working world.

I have been working at a startup for almost a year and previously interned at another for a few months. I’ve since realized that there are five secrets about the startup culture that post-grads should be aware of.

Lower daily expenses

Startup culture might just be the best of both worlds because you’ll have a job and will significantly bring down your living costs. Think about how much you spend on food and coffee every day. At many startups, there are breakfast foods in the office along with free coffee and beer at happy hours. You’ll most likely get a free lunch every day too! The kitchens are often filled with snacks and food-related startups bring you free samples every so often.

Receive a lot of cool, free stuff

There will be perks from other startups simply because you’re in the network: promotional discounts, exclusive sales and you’ll hear about new products before everyone else. If you work at a company that sells something you find useful (glasses, clothes, electronics, make up, etc.,) you’ll receive it for free or incredibly discounted.

Impress your parents

What might be the biggest perk about working at a startup post-grad is one that will get your parents off your back: health insurance. Most startups have a benefits package that includes health, vision and dental. You probably don’t worry about it during college, but it’s totally necessary and beneficial if you’re no longer covered under your parent’s insurance when you graduate. You also probably have a 401(k) option and you’ll learn what exactly that means.

Additionally, you’ll receive commuter benefits, gym reimbursements and depending on the city, a bike commuting benefit. Some startups now offer travel allowances as well.

Your parents may not have had all these cool add-ons when they got their first job, so they’ll be impressed with your benefits package!

Attend weekly Happy Hours

Happy hours are weekly or bi-weekly events that happen in startup culture. They’re sometimes networking events where you’ll meet employees at other startups and learn about their cool products and developments. You’ll enjoy free drinks and sometimes it’ll include an interesting speaker or musical performance.

Stock options

Another cool feature about most startups (sometimes depending on when you’re joining) is that they’ll offer the opportunity for stock. Each company will issue different stock options, but if you’re interested and ask the right questions, this could be a huge benefit down the road.

Startups are always hiring and could be the best option for you post-grad if you’re stressed about the cost of living. The benefits could be the saving option that will help get your feet on the ground!

Monster Wants to Know: What are some other pros of the startup life? What benefits have you received? Share with us in the comment section.

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