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#TBT Technology: The Calculator Watch

#TBT Technology: The Calculator Watch

Before wearable watches and fitness trackers, the height of wearable technology was the calculator watch. And it did exactly what the name suggests; it gave users a calculator on their wrist.

Introduced by the company Pulsar, calculator watches hit the scene in the mid 1970's. While these watches included a calculator, they also allowed users to keep appointments and contact information. They really were the precursor to wearable tech we see popping up today.

The calculator watch has been replaced by the calculators many of us carry around in our pockets, in the form of a smartphone. But this piece of tech can be considered the first iteration of the modern wearable. It can be compared to devices such as the Pebble Smartwatch, Sony Smartwach 2 SW2, and the i'm Watch.

These modern devices serve a similar purpose as the calculator watch; quick and easy access to contacts, apps, and yes, even a calculator.

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