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Top Admin Web Sites

Top Admin Web Sites

Chasing down information on the Internet can leave you at one dead end after another. So how do you find a direct route to the answers you need? That's where this list of best Web sites for admininstrative professionals comes in. Think of it as your roadmap for the Web, provided by admins like you, for you.




This is a treasure trove of links to just about every bit of info you can imagine, including local/international newspapers, trade journals, news wires, business knowledge research areas, weather updates, currency statistics and conversions, company research sites, SEC, financial markets, health topics and more. "It offers a wealth of information you can access without having to search through numerous databases," says Karen Davis, secretary to the CFO and senior vice president of Oklahoma City-based C.H. Guernsey & Company.






At this site, another links clearinghouse, admins can access everything from official clock times around the world and a "word of the day" vocabulary builder to the latest news, stock quotes and computer virus alerts. It's "the best source for facts," says Deborah Farley, CAP, assistant vice president, loan administration, for Commerce Bank in Mount Laurel, New Jersey.

Microsoft Design Gallery





Pam Brogan, office coordinator for HelpPeople EAP in Syracuse, New York, says she adores this mecca for Microsoft Office users, because she can use its easy-to-download clip art, sound effects and moving graphics to enhance brochures, articles and email correspondence. "People are more likely to read something that is punctuated with a picture over simply straight text," she says.






The US Postal Service's Web site offers much more than an easy way to check zip codes, buy stamps and track mailings. Connie Myers, principal administrative staff associate at Albuquerque-based Sandia National Laboratories, says she uses the site for "package rates and expected delivery schedules, insurance info, rates for foreign destinations and size restrictions for letters."






Download thousands of free PowerPoint templates and images at BrainyBetty, a great find from Janis Petersen, CPS, senior clerk at Seminis Vegetable Seeds Inc. in Nampa, Idaho.





If your boss travels overseas, this universal currency converter can be invaluable for quick and easy conversion of expenses into US dollars, says Phyllis McMullen, executive secretary at Nationwide Financial Services in Columbus, Ohio.

Virtually There





While other travel and airline Web sites are great for buying and pricing tickets, Virtually There "gives you real-time flight delays, plus you can download your trip plans directly to your desktop," says Camille Petrocco, CPS, a senior administrative assistant at Bridgewater, New Jersey's Aventis Pharmaceuticals.

Free-Ed Ltd.





Ohio-based Free-Ed Ltd. provides links to more than 120 courses and tutorials on everything from software to academic disciplines, says Deborah James, owner of Deborah James Secretarial Services in Oakland, California.






The International Association of Administrative Professionals' official Web site includes links to OfficePRO magazine, online training resources, a message board, info on how to obtain CPS (Certified Professional Secretary) and CAP (Certified Administrative Professional) certifications and much more.



For more information and tips to help you advance your administrative career, see all our advice for admin professionals.


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