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These are the top 10 cities hiring programmers right now

Just ahead of International Programmers' Day, we break down the cities with the most job listings for coders. Could it be time for job-seeking techies to hit the east coast?

These are the top 10 cities hiring programmers right now

This Sunday, September 13 is International Programmers’ Day—also known as Day of the Programmer, although that particular variant is a bit too zombie movie-esque for our liking. 

If you haven't heard of it, it's pretty much what it sounds like: an excuse for tech lovers to celebrate the achievements of the folks crunching code and changing the world, one </html> at a time.

In honor of the holiday, which falls on the 256th day of the year (it’s a math thing), we’ve rounded up the ten cities with the most job listings for programmers in the past 120 days. Not surprisingly, Silicon Valley makes a strong showing, although New York’s growing tech boom means that this year, the east coast claims the top spot. Take a look:

1. New York, NY
Job listings: 54,685
Notable companies: Squarespace, Venmo, Grubhub

2. San Francisco, CA
Job listings: 38,068
Notable companies: Zynga, BitTorrent Inc., Sega of America

3. Seattle, WA
Job listings: 34,728
Notable companies: Amazon, Zillow,

4. San Jose, CA
Jobs listings: 16,188
Notable companies: Adobe, eBay, Cisco Systems

5. Los Angeles, CA
Jobs listings: 13,815
Notable companies: Snapchat, Hulu, Maker Studios

6. Santa Clara, CA
Job listings: 13,005
Notable companies: Nvidia, Roxio, Intel Security

7. Sunnyvale, CA
Job listings: 9,702
Notable companies: Yahoo!, Ariba, Spansion

8. Redmond, WA
Job listings: 8,864
Notable companies: Microsoft, Nintendo of America, Concur Technologies

9. Palo Alto, CA
Job listings: 8,850
Notable companies: Hewlett-Packard, VMware, Quora

10. Mountain View, CA
Job listings: 8,818
Notable companies: Google, Mozilla, Intuit

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