The Highest-Paying Jobs You Can Get Right Now

Looking to make a lot of money? These careers are where it's at.

The Highest-Paying Jobs You Can Get Right Now

Health care dominates the highest-paying jobs.

So, you’re looking for a way to make a lot money? Well, unless you’re in line for a big inheritance from a long-lost relative, your best bet lies within the job market. We all know that jobs are not created equal when it comes to making money. There are low-paying jobs and good-paying jobs. Then, there are highest-paying jobs. Those are the ones we’re most interested in right now. 

Choosing a lucrative career path can mean having the means to enjoy the finer things in life, like taking luxury vacations, wearing designer clothes, and never having to check a price tag. But the road to get there isn’t paved with gold.

Sure, there are high-paying jobs you can get without a college degree, or even with an associate degree, but the highest-paying jobs of all typically require higher education and many years of experience (read: lots of work). If one thing’s for sure, though, it’s that the jobs that pay the most are definitely worth your efforts.

A quick note about high salaries

Salaries for the highest-paying jobs largely depend on your specialty, experience level, and where in the country you're employed. For example, a surgeon salary in Pasadena, California, is 4% higher than the national median; a marketing manager salary in New Britain, Connecticut, is 7% higher than the national median; and a petroleum engineer salary in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, is 18% higher than the national median.

Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Monster rounded up the 50 highest-paying jobs you can get right now—all boasting six-figure salaries.

You’ll notice many of the jobs on the list can be found in health care, with anesthesiologists, surgeons, oral and maxillofacial surgeons (we looked it up for you: specializing in the jaw and face), OBGYNs, and orthodontists topping the list. Beyond health care, you’ll find that the best paying jobs also include occupations for engineers, executives, pilots, and financial professionals.

Check out the full list of highest-paying jobs below to see if applying to one of these jobs would be worth your while.

The 50 highest-paying jobs

1. Anesthesiologists

Annual mean wage: $261,730 per year

Find anesthesiologist jobs on Monster.

2. Surgeons

Annual mean wage: $252,040 per year

Find surgeon jobs on Monster.

3. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons

Annual mean wage: $237,570 per year

Find oral and maxillofacial surgeon jobs on Monster.

4. Obstetricians and gynecologists

Annual mean wage: $233,610 per year

Find OBGYN jobs on Monster.

5. Orthodontists

Annual mean wage: $230,830 per year

Find orthodontist jobs on Monster.

6. Prosthodontists

Annual mean wage: $220,840 per year

Find prosthodontist jobs on Monster.

7. Psychiatrists

Annual mean wage: $220,430 per year

Find psychiatrist jobs on Monster.

8. Family medicine physicians

Annual mean wage: $213,270 per year

Find family and general practitioner jobs on Monster.

9. Physicians (all other) and ophthalmologists (except pediatric)

Annual mean wage: $203,450 per year

Find physician jobs on Monster.

10. General internal medicine physicians

Annual mean wage: $201,440 per year

Find internist jobs on Monster.

11. Chief executives

Annual mean wage: $193,850 per year

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12. Pediatricians (general)

Annual mean wage: $184,410 per year

Find pediatrician jobs on Monster.

13. Nurse anesthetists

Annual mean wage: $181,040 per year

Find nurse anesthetist jobs on Monster.

14. Dentists (general)

Annual mean wage: $178,260 per year

Find dentist jobs on Monster.

15. Dentists (specialist)

Annual mean wage: $178,040 per year

Find specialist dentist jobs on Monster.

16. Airline pilots, copilots, and flight engineers

Annual mean wage: $174,870 per year

Find airline pilot jobs on Monster.

17. Petroleum engineers

Annual mean wage: $156,780 per year

Find petroleum engineer jobs on Monster.

18. Computer and information systems managers

Annual mean wage: $156,390 per year

Find computer and information systems manager jobs on Monster.

19. Architectural and engineering managers

Annual mean wage: $152,930 per year

Find architectural and engineering manager jobs on Monster.

20. Marketing managers

Annual mean wage: $149,200 per year

Find marketing manager jobs on Monster.

21. Financial managers

Annual mean wage: $147,530 per year

Find financial manager jobs on Monster.

22. Natural sciences managers

Annual mean wage: $145,450 per year

Find natural science manager jobs on Monster.

23. Lawyers

Annual mean wage: $145,300 per year

Find lawyer jobs on Monster.

24. Podiatrists

Annual mean wage: $142,680 per year

Find podiatrist jobs on Monster.

25. Advertising and promotions managers

Annual mean wage: $141,890 per year

Find advertising manager jobs on Monster.

26. Sales managers

Annual mean wage: $141,690 per year

Find sales manager jobs on Monster.

27. Compensation and benefits managers

Annual mean wage: $134,210 per year

Find compensation and benefits manager jobs on Monster.

28. Public relations and fundraising managers

Annual mean wage: $132,630 per year

Find public relations manager jobs on Monster.

29. Physicists

Annual mean wage: $131,080 per year

Find physicist jobs on Monster.

30. Law teachers, postsecondary

Annual mean wage: $129,950 per year

Find law professor jobs on Monster.

31. Human resources managers

Annual mean wage: $129,570 per year

Find human resources manager jobs on Monster.

32. Judges, magistrate judges, and magistrates

Annual mean wage: $128,550 per year

Find judge jobs on Monster.

33. Purchasing managers

Annual mean wage: $128,400 per year

Find purchasing manager jobs on Monster.

34. Computer and information research scientists

Annual mean wage: $127,460 per year

Find computer and information research scientist jobs on Monster.

35. Pharmacists

Annual mean wage: $125,510 per year

Find pharmacist jobs on Monster.

36. Training and development managers

Annual mean wage: $123,470 per year

Find training and development manager jobs on Monster.

37. General and operations managers

Annual mean wage: $123,030 per year

Find operations manager jobs on Monster.

38. Computer hardware engineers

Annual mean wage: $123,030 per year

Find computer hardware engineer jobs on Monster.

39. Optometrists

Annual mean wage: $122,980 per year

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40. Astronomers

Annual mean wage: $122,270 per year

Find astronomer jobs on Monster.

41. Health specialty teachers, postsecondary

Annual mean wage: $121,620 per year

Find health teacher jobs on Monster.

42. Actuaries

Annual mean wage: $120,970 per year

Find actuary jobs on Monster.

43. Nuclear engineers

Annual mean wage: $120,700 per year

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44. Political scientists

Annual mean wage: $120,260 per year

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45. Air traffic controllers

Annual mean wage: $120,140 per year

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46. Personal financial advisors

Annual mean wage: $119,290 per year

Find financial advisor jobs on Monster.

47. Aerospace engineers

Annual mean wage: $119,220 per year

Find aerospace engineer jobs on Monster.

48. Economics teachers, postsecondary

Annual mean wage: $119,160 per year

Find economics teacher jobs on Monster.

49. Personal service managers, all other; entertainment and recreation managers, except gambling

Annual mean wage: $118,710 per year

Find personal service manager jobs on Monster.

50. Chemical engineer

Annual mean wage: $117,090 per year

Find chemical engineer jobs on Monster.

Get one of the highest-paying jobs

If you've got your eyes on big money, you should know that securing one of the highest-paying jobs in America is not easy—but it's definitely possible. After all, you've made it this far, completed your education and certifications, and now you need to get in front of hiring managers. Need some help? Upload up to five versions of your resume for free to Monster, where recruiters search to fill jobs all day long. It's an easy way to get connected to open positions that pay the big bucks.