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Surprising first jobs of U.S. presidents

You’ll never guess which president earned their first paycheck by collecting bottles. Take our quiz to see if you can match the president to their first job.

Surprising first jobs of U.S. presidents

Ever wonder what George Washington’s resume would look like? What about Donald Trump’s? Or any one of the presidents we’ve had in between?

On most of their resumes, you’ll find years of experience in traditional industries such as law, politics, or the military, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t dabble in the circus industry or take a stab at selling comic books before landing the top job in the country: President of the United States.

Presidents—they’re just like us! While some people start out as construction workers, bus boys, cafeteria servers, and dishwashers and go on to become talk show hosts and astronauts (or maybe that’s just Stephen Colbert and Buzz Aldrin), apparently, if you want to be president, you should consider starting your career as a shoe shiner, goat herder, or bottle collector.

Business Insider rounded up some pretty surprising first jobs our presidents have held, proving that even POTUS isn’t above scooping ice cream or bagging groceries—pretty encouraging for anyone with big career aspirations currently working an entry-level job.

See if you can guess which president held these first jobs in our trivia game below.

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