A Vocation Vacation Can Inspire Your Career

Let your travel plans guide your career path, and your future will be primed for takeoff.

A Vocation Vacation Can Inspire Your Career

Vocation vacations put your travel inspirations to work.

If you're packing for a long weekend at the beach, setting your sights on a road trip, or tracking prices of plane tickets to Europe, you might want to add one more thing to your to-do list: career planning. Enter the vocation vacation, a getaway that gives you insight into a particular career path.

To help you discover how your travel preferences could lead you to your ideal job, we've paired nine types of vacationer with a few corresponding vocations. Bon voyage!

The Culture Vulture

You love immersing yourself in foreign cultures, learning languages, and delving into politics and history…

… you might love

  • ESL teacher – Teach the English language, either in the U.S. or abroad, while you in turn learn about your students' culture and colloquialisms.
  • Global sales – Learn the different facets of foreign economies, and promote, tailor, and sell your product to new audiences.
  • Museum work – Surround yourself with art and artifacts while sharing your knowledge of the collection with visitors.

The Do-Gooder

You love working with people and volunteering, even on vacation.

…you might love

  • Caregiving – Provide a welcoming and nurturing environment for senior citizens, either in their private homes or in an assisted living facility.
  • Nursing – Spend most of your time hands-on caring for patients, learning about their medical needs, and following up on their treatment plans.
  • Social work – Make a powerful impact on the people you serve—usually vulnerable children and families who need support during difficult times of their lives.

The Explorer

You love a vocation vacation that lets you tour ruins of ancient civilizations and learn about the cultures and people who built them…

you might love

  • Anthropology – Research the history behind long-lost masterpieces, as well as the people who created them.
  • Architecture – Lay the plans for new building design and restoring existing sites.
  • Construction – Build new structures from scratch while learning the nuts and bolts (literally) of every project.

The Foodie

You love discovering and tasting cuisines everywhere you go.

…you might love

  • Culinary arts – Learn how to select the best ingredients, the different cooking techniques of disparate cultures, and how to pair flavors harmoniously.
  • Food science – Using chemistry, biology, and other sciences, explore the elements of food, discover new food sources and work to ensure the safety of our food supply.
  • Food services – Surround yourself with food and food-lovers, and play a role in crafting others' dining experiences, from preparation to plating.

The Luxe Fiend

You love relaxing at luxury resorts and spas. If a hotel has five stars (or a celebrity backer), you want in…

…you might love

  • Cosmetology – Study and practice the latest beauty treatments and techniques.
  • Jeweler – Create, repair, and appraise jewelry using coveted metals and gemstones.
  • Luxury real estate – Scour the market for the best houses, apartments, and condos for big-dollar buyers, and help sellers brand their properties to bring in the best possible offers.

The Outdoors Enthusiast

You love camping under the stars, hiking to remote mountaintops, and cooking over an open fire…

…you might love

  • Environmental science – Study the natural world and develop new ways to protect our resources.
  • Park ranger – Protect and maintain natural space and educate others about how to respectfully enjoy the park.
  • Wildlife biologist – Research animals and other wildlife to determine how they interact with their ecosystems, and develop and work on conservation projects.

The Road Tripper

You love planning epic road trips, and always prefer to be in the driver's seat rather than riding shotgun…

…you might love

  • House-sitting – Watch over clients' houses, plants, and pets while they're away.
  • Taxi service – Transport clients from point A to point B safely and comfortably.
  • Tour bus operation – Help groups take their own epic road trips—with you at the wheel.
  • Truck driving – Move cargo long distances, and explore the country one highway at a time.

The Theme Park Devotee

You love roller coasters, costumed characters, and animatronic rides, and you know the theme songs to every cartoon from the past two decades.

…you might love

  • Animation – Inspire the imaginations of others by bringing fantastical ideas to life through drawing, graphic design, and the latest technology.
  • Engineering – Study and design complicated systems, like that thrill-inspiring triple loop on your favorite ride.
  • Robotics – Design and build machines that perform the tasks humans can't, whether that's on a manufacturing assembly line or in the field diffusing a bomb.

The Water Lover

You love being on or near the water, whether it's a pool, ocean, river, or lake …

… you might love

Boat crew – Clean and maintain a ship's deck, oversee departures and arrivals, and mind safety protocol.

Commercial diving – Take the plunge and perform structural repairs as a welder and industrial mechanic, and test new underwater technology.

Lifeguard work – Spend your days watching over swimmers, enforcing safety rules, and performing rescues in the event of an emergency.

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