Infographic: Top Ten Tech Jobs for Veterans

Veterans are heading into technology jobs as they retire from their service with the Army. This infographic from PayScale outlines the top ten tech jobs for veterans. Popular job titles include Program Manager, IT Consultant, Business Development Manager, Systems Analyst, Systems Engineer, IT Network Engineer, Field Service Engineer, Tech Writer, Network Administrator, and HVAC Service Technician. These positions range in salary from $42,000 up to $91,000 per year.

According to PayScale, over 220,000 veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan are currently looking for work. And tech is a great industry for these vets to get into, considering their skills align well with available technology jobs. The top tech skills that veterans walk away from the Army with are Computer Security, SQL, Electronic Troubleshooting, Security Risk Management, Cisco Networking, and Program Management. But Veterans aren’t the only ones benefitting from the boom in tech jobs and tech pay; companies receive benefits from the government for helping veterans that are transitioning from the Army to civilian life. If an employer hires a returning hero, they will receive up to $5,600 in tax credits, and if they hire a wounded veteran, they will receive up to $9,600.

A number of employers have taken charge in this initiative to help veterans get into the workforce after serving our country. Check out openings on Monster to find tech jobs that support veterans in your area. And head over to to get in touch and network with other veterans in the workforce. 
Veteran Technology Jobs

Source: Infographic image and data provided by PayScale.