Centurum, Inc. Company Overview

Company Size
100 to 499 employees
Aerospace and Defense

At Centurum, we have forged a new company with a long and storied history of innovation across our five core capability areas.

For 40 years, we have been at the center of the effort to build and deploy new systems that enable government to operate and communicate more effectively—at home and around the globe. Today, we have a new name, but a decades-old mission: to arm you with advanced technical expertise and groundbreaking tools that foster a change in your ability to achieve mission success.

Who We Are

Centurum combines the proven talents of our three operating entities, TECHPLAN Corporation, TDS Incorporated, and Klein and Stump Incorporated into an organization uniquely capable of providing the Department of Defense and other federal government agencies with solutions to meet their business needs and support our warfighters every step of the way.

Centurum is large enough to deliver comprehensive mission-critical services that the government relies on—yet small enough to listen, care, and respond rapidly. We have just over 400 employees, all trained to be nimble and responsive to our customers. No other company of this size can provide what we deliver—solutions across the Network Centric Enterprise . At the same time, the percentage of our employees holding top-level security clearances is larger than some major consulting firms.

What We Do

Centurum delivers solutions for net-centric military, intelligence, and civilian agencies. Our long-term focus is on providing end-to-end solutions, across the entire system lifecycle. We specialize in providing advanced solutions within five core capability areas:

  • Network Engineering
  • Systems Integration
  • Systems Engineering and Design
  • Information Operations
  • Operational Support
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Why We're Different

Centurum is a different kind of company. A trusted partner. A corporate team that stands behind its commitments. Seasoned professionals with a deep understanding of your unique challenges and goals…an unwavering focus on exceeding your expectations and ensuring your success…and a track record of delivering end-to-end IT solutions.

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