Creative Design Careers

Creative Design Careers Overview

Creative Design Careers Overview

You'll be interested in creative design careers if you're artistically inclined. A creative designer might use computer software to develop visual concepts for magazines, ads, presentations and other projects, or she might do much of the work by hand if illustration is her strong suit. No matter which creative design jobs you opt to take, you will meet with clients and collaborate on their projects, create images and graphics to communicate a message and proof your work with the client prior to publishing.

Creative Design Careers Education

Usually careers in creative design, require a bachelor's degree in graphic design, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). You can land a creative design job with a bachelor's degree in a related field if you have the artistic ability, creativity and computer skills to do the job. This is especially so if you have also received technical training in graphic design from a technical or trade school with the proper accreditation, such as from the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

Creative Design Careers Job Market

Although creative designer careers in print publications are projected to decline over the next 10 years, the need for creative designers with the Internet and computer-related industries is expected to grow rapidly. This results in a modest average growth of seven percent, as most of those creative designers displaced by the print industry will be able to find jobs in computer systems, the Internet and related businesses. The BLS projects this to result in 276,900 creative design jobs by 2022, up from 259,500 in 2012.

Creative Design Careers Salaries

It's nice when you get paid to do something you love, and if you love creative design you'll get a pretty nice paycheck. The average annual salary for creative designers is $44,150. By nature, creative design careers lend themselves to being self-employment opportunities. This can be a bonus if you like working odd hours, setting your own schedule and working one-on-one with clients without a manager acting as a middleman.

Top Companies for Creative Design Careers

Akraya, Inc.

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, 27709


Akraya is looking for a Marketing HTML Developer for one of our clients. Please apply directly or call Kirti at 408-512-3149. If this position is not quite what you’r...