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About Our Ads

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About Ads Served by Monster

Monster shows targeted job ads to you through our Career Ad Network. These ads appear on Monster sites and on third party web sites. Targeted job advertising is based on your interests, which are inferred from certain demographic and geographic data and the search terms you enter when using Monster and is not linked to your personally identifiable information without your permission. Visit our Career Ad Network page to learn more.

About Ads Served by Third Parties

Monster allows third-parties to show you ads on Monster. These companies can view, edit or set their own cookies and may use demographic, geographic, and behavioral information to show you targeted ads. To determine which targeted ads you see, we use third-party services to manage the behavioral, demographic, geographic and personal information we collect or infer about you. For example, if a person named “Mike” registers with Monster, we would infer and store a gender of “male”. We may combine this information with certain other non-personal information we get from third-parties, including information about your interests, to serve more relevant ads to you. Visit Third Party Advertising on for a list of companies who help deliver these ads. 

Monster does not provide any personal information to the third party advertisers on our site unless you choose to allow it. Monster has no control over, and is not responsible for, the practices of those third party advertisers. Monster encourages you to visit their web sites and review their privacy policies.

Exercise Your Choices

Monster adheres to the Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising from the Digital Advertising Alliance. You can opt out of behavioral targeting from many ad networks on Monster in our preferences manager. Our Privacy Policy shows the choices you have with respect to Monster’s use of your information and provides you with general instructions on how to decline cookies. If you do not want to see targeted ads, there are several steps you can take. 

Opt out of Customized Career Ad Network Targeting

  • You have the ability to update and customize the information contained in your Career Ad Network cookie or to opt-out  of targeting here: Customize or Opt Out.
  • If you opt-out of Career Ad Network targeting, you will still see Career Ad Network ads, but they will be not be targeted to your interests and may be less relevant.

Opt out of Third Party Targeted Ads

  • You can opt out of targeted advertising by third parties by setting your browser to decline third party cookies. You can also delete the advertiser’s cookie each time you get it.
  • Some advertisers offer a way to opt out of their targeted advertising. You can find this information in the privacy section of the advertiser’s website. Visit Third Party Advertising on to see a list of the advertising networks and other third parties we work with. Many of these ad networks and third parties are members of the Network Advertising Initiative. You can opt-out of targeted advertising by all NAI members by visiting the NAI site. If you delete your cookies you will need to opt out again.
  • If you opt out of targeted advertising by third parties, you will still see ads on Monster, but they will be not be targeted to your interests and may be less relevant.

Please note cookies are specific to your browser and computer. If you change browsers or computers, your settings will not carry over.