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FAQs About Our Ads

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FAQs About Our Ads

Can I turn off ads completely on Monster?

No. Advertising revenue supports our ability to offer you industry-leading career services and advice without a fee.

What information does Monster use to show me targeted ads?

Targeted ads displayed on Monster are based on information inferred from: (a)  data that you provide to Monster (e.g., ZIP code, age, gender, and interests), (b) your IP address, and (c) the search terms you enter on Monster. Additionally, this information may be combined with other information from third parties, including information about your activities on other sites. The information from third parties does not identify you personally, and helps us show you relevant ads.

What is Monster's Career Ad Network?

Monster’s Career Ad Network (also called "CAN") takes an existing job posting, and shows it to you as an advertisement on non-Monster sites. It is targeted to you based on searches you have previously made on Monster. See below for an example of a Career Ad Network ad that is targeted based on a cookie containing information on someone who has searched for nursing positions in Boston, MA and a non-targeted Career Ad Network ad:

Regular Ad: Targeted Ad (nursing, Boston MA):

Can I opt out of receiving targeted Career Ad Network ads?

Yes. You can opt out of receiving targeted Career Ad Network ads by clicking this link and following the instructions.

Can I opt out of receiving third party targeted advertising?

Most of the ad networks and other third parties we use provide an opt-out mechanism. See a list of the third parties we currently work with to show you targeted advertising and for more information on how to opt out. You can also opt out of targeted advertising from third parties by setting your browser to decline third party cookies.

What happens if I choose to opt out?

If you opt out of targeted ads, the advertising you see will be less relevant to your interests.