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Legacy Traditional schools is dedicated to providing motivated students with the opportunity to achieve academic excellence in an accelerated, back-to-basics, safe learning environment taught by caring, knowledgeable, and highly effective educators in cooperation with supportive, involved parents.

With multiple locations in Arizona and Nevada, Legacy Traditional Schools offers excellent benefits and compensation packages for staff providing student services for grades K-8.

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Job Summary

The Assistant Principal assists the Principal to fulfill his/her chief responsibility of promoting the educational well-being of each student within the school. This position has supervisory responsibility and creates a unifying workforce vision that brings Team Member Development, Performance Management, and Succession Planning together.  The Assistant Principal must have a flexible schedule in order to work hour’s necessary to fulfill his/her job requirements.

The incumbent for this position is scheduled to assume duties on June 1st. 

Essential Assistant Principal Duties

Assists in the overall administration of the school, with a strong commitment to the activities and operations associated with students, teachers and parents, with other specific duties as assigned by the principal. All job duties below are in coordination with the site principal.

  1. Acts as School Level Standardized Testing Coordinator, facilitates administration of NWEA MAP testing, pre/post testing, JH mid-terms and finals, and implements usage of educational technology (PowerSchool (AZ), Infinite Campus (NV), NWEA MAP, Learning Farm, BrainPop, etc.) Create COW schedule rotation and troubleshoots technology concerns.   

  2. Facilitate training for teachers hired after the start of the school year, such as (PowerSchool (AZ), Infinite Campus (NV), NWEA MAP, Learning Farm, Classroom Setup, and New Hire Checklist.

  3. Confers with teachers, students and parents concerning educational and behavioral problems in school.

  4. Acts as school attendance and truancy officer.

  5. Responsible for the creation, submission, updating, training, and implementation of school response plan.

  6. Hires, trains, develops, and appraises teaching staff effectively.  Develops teaching staff to improve individual learning environment techniques.

  1. Observes and evaluates staff performance (responsible for eight out of ten or fifteen out of twenty Instructional Feedback Forms as well as two formal evaluations per year for all JH/Specials teachers. For K-6/Sped teachers’ assistant principals are responsible for two out of ten or four out of twenty Instructional Feedback Forms (focused on classroom environment). 

  2. Provides quick remediation for low teacher performance. 

  3. Documents employee issues and refers to principal for corrective action as necessary on a timely basis and in accordance with district policy.  

  4. Conducts end of year formal evaluations for all special areas and Junior High teachers.  

  1. Hires, trains, develops, and appraises support staff effectively.  Develops support staff to improve individual performance.

    1. Conducts five support staff feedback forms per support staff each year. 

    2. Provides quick remediation for low performance. 

    3. Documents employee issues and refers to principal for corrective action as necessary on a timely basis and in accordance with district policy.  

    4. Conducts end of year formal evaluation for all instructional support staff, to include classroom/lunch aides, program paraprofessionals, and Title 1 paraprofessionals.

  2. Conforms to all safety rules and the use of all appropriate safety equipment. 

  3. Develops future school leaders.  

  4. Reviews weekly lesson plans for all special area and Junior High teachers. 

  5. Oversees and develops duty and dismissal schedules. 

  6. Creates individual support staff schedules. 

  7. Collect and review Title I tutors and paraprofessionals time and effort logs.

  8. Oversee student discipline, documents the incidents and calls parents. All student report entries must be logged into PowerSchool (AZ) or Infinite Campus (NV) at the conclusion of each instructional day. 

  9. Addresses parent issues and documents accordingly. All student report entries must be logged into PowerSchool (AZ) or Infinite Campus (NV) at the conclusion of each instructional day. 

  10. Schedules, documents, trains staff and complies with fire drills, lockdowns and evacuation requirements.

  11. Oversight of McKinney Vento program. 

  12. Serves as District Representative for IEP/MET meetings 

  13. Follows up on all phone calls and emails daily – respond within 24 hours. 

  14. Regularly updates Facebook, as assigned.

  15. Attends school events as assigned. 

  16. Other duties as assigned.

Essential Junior High Duties  

  1. Creates and implements Junior High Scheduling. 

  2. PRIDE Program – monitors teacher implementation, manages points, and provides parent notification of 5 and 10 point deductions, ISS and OSS, Behavior Academic Contracts.

  3. Oversees Junior High flag ceremonies.

  4. Oversees PRIDE day planning.

  5. Oversees Weekly/Bi-Weekly Junior High team PLC meetings.

  6. Oversees Junior High Parent contact.

  7. Oversees Word Strides and end of year JH Field trip.

Essential Athletic Director Duties 

  1. Schedules all games.  

  2. Hires and develops coaches.

  3. Ensures attendance of LTS designee at all home games.

  4. Orders, stores, and maintains all uniforms and athletic equipment.

  5. Attends seasonal CAA Athletic Director Meetings.

  6. Completes all required paperwork and ensures that sure Legacy Athletics is in compliance with CAA (I.E. concussion protocols)

  7. Facilitates seasonal Mandatory Parent Meeting.

  8. Completes grade checks twice per month and enforce eligibility requirements.

  9. Responsible for all parent communication regarding athletics. 

  10.  Coordinates End-of-Season banquets for Fall, Winter, and Spring sports.

Essential Community Education Program Administrator Duties 

  1. Serves as lead for all Community Education Programs: LKC, KEEP, Non-school Days, Summer Days, Clubs, Vendors, Facilities, and Preschool (where applicable).

  2. On-call for before or after school LKC session.

  3. Creates LKC, Non-school Days and Summer Days staff schedules to maintain a 30:1 child:staff ratio. 

  4. Hires, trains, and monitors LKC activities to ensure staff members follow the daily schedule.

  5. Effectively communicates to all LKC staff and LTS families regarding program updates.

  6. Works in collaboration with Community Education to communicate with families regarding their account activity for LKC, KEEP, Non-school days, Summer Days, and Preschool (where applicable): registration, scheduling and payments.

  7. Collects rosters and payments for all clubs and vendors. 

  8. Maintains LKC Dashboards. 

  9. Inventories and orders LKC materials, resource, and supplies for daily activities.

  10. Manages LKC discipline and brings concerns to the attention of the Principal.

  11. Attends District Community Education Meetings.


Essential EL Coordinator Duties

  1. Keep up-to-date with the EL list for your school (this will be a google document that will be shared with you).

  2. Work with the principal to ensure that EL Testers (proctors) are dependable & trained and have a time & place & resources to complete their testing as needed.

  3. Work with the principal to ensure that the teachers and tutors of your EL students are SEI-endorsed.

  4. Process all Consent forms and Withdrawal forms.

  5. Ensure that EL students with Consent Forms receive an ILLP and an ILLP, Attachment A for signatures and for teachers to follow.  These forms must also be processed/filed accordingly.

  6. Ensure that all teachers with students on ILLP’s are completing their ILLP, Attachment A’s each week—indicating the goals on which they are focusing.

  7. Observe EL teachers to ensure that they are using SEI strategies with these students.

  8. Ensure that EL teachers are sending home an ILLP, Attachment B (ILLP Progress Report) each quarter, with the child’s report card.

  9. Monitor the EL Tutor.


  • Holds a valid Arizona or Nevada Department of Public Safety Fingerprint Card.

  • Has earned a Master’s Degree in Education and is working toward an administrative certificate.  Candidate will work and be paid as teacher-on-assignment until the administrative certificate is finalized. 

  • Preferred three or more years teaching experience in a variety of grade levels.


Reports To

  • Principal