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Kansas City, KS


The Department of Molecular Biosciences, University of Kansas, seeks an assistant researcher with interests and experience in molecular biology and Drosophila husbandry. The successful candidate will work with a research group that addresses the broad themes of host-pathogen interaction and genetic conflict using Drosophila. Specifically, the assistant researcher would assist with an NSF funded study of meiotic drive in Drosophila. The work would involve using CRISPR-Cas9 to test the role of particular genes in meiotic drive, microscopy to examine the cellular phenotype of meiotic drive and genetic and genomic work to better understand both drive and resistance to drive. The position consists of an initial 2-yr appointment beginning in late spring or early summer 2021. The applicant should be extremely organized, work well with others, have a willingness to learn, and be able to participate at many levels in the laboratory.
This position is required to work on-site.