Boeing 727 (FE) - Flight Engineer

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Ypsilanti, MI
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To assist the Captain in the safe and efficient conduct of the flight to which he is assigned. Any action taken by the Flight Engineer while on duty will be at the Captain's request, or with his/her knowledge and approval.

Duties include but are not limited to:

  • He/She is responsible to the Captain for the mechanical preflight acceptance of the aircraft and for the safe and efficient operation of aircraft components and equipment over which he/she has control while in flight.
  • He/She is responsible to establish and maintain general liaison with both Operations and Maintenance Divisions on matters concerning their common problems regarding the operation and maintenance of the aircraft.
  • The Director of Maintenance is represented by the Flight Engineer in the performance of duties in connection with maintenance on company aircraft performed away from the main maintenance base.
  • If he/she holds and Airframe and Powerplant license he/she is responsible for inspecting, supervising, or assisting in the performance of any maintenance or servicing required by the aircraft at en route stations when company maintenance personnel are not available. When performing maintenance, he/she is responsible to the Director of Maintenance. When acting as an Inspector, he/she is responsible to the Chief Inspector. However, at no time will he/she perform a function where he/she could be contrived to be working for the Director of Maintenance and Chief Inspector at the same time.
  • The Flight Engineer will carry out his responsibilities in conformance with all applicable FAA regulations and company regulations and policies.
  • Operating in accordance with company procedures, Federal Aviation Regulations, and operating in a safe manner.
  • Reporting safety concerns, irregularities, incidents, and accidents to the Director of Safety, if such has not been accomplished by other crewmembers.
  • The Flight Engineer is responsible for proper Cockpit Resource Management in conjunction with operation of the aircraft. The Flight Engineer will (when appropriate) provide and/or take into consideration input and feedback to/from his/her fellow crewmembers.

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Required Experience:

FAA Flight Engineer, a second-class FAA medical certificate. Experience in the B-727 preferred. May consider candidates with the FE written exam. Candidates with an Airframe or Powerplant license will be given additional consideration.

From: Kalitta Charters LLC