Bus Operator G12

Columbus Consolidated Government

Metra Transit, GA

Metra Transit, GA
30+ days ago


METRA Full-Time Bus Operators and Full-Time Maintenance Technicians II & III (CDL Permits are required for all positions to qualify for the New Hire Sign-On Bonus) - New Hire Sign-On Bonus Program
Earn up to $1,000.00.
New Hire bonus after:

  • Six months- $250.00
  • Twelve Months- $250.00
  • Eighteen Months- $250.00
  • Twenty-Four Months- $250.00
METRA New Hire bonus with CDL & Passenger "B" Endorsement for Full-Time Bus Operators and Full-Time Maintenance Technicians II & III.
Earn an additional $500.00
New Hire bonus after:
  • Six months- $250.00
  • Twelve Months- $250.00

New applicants to these positions are qualified for this program:
-Bus Operators G12 Dial-a-Ride (with CDL)
-Bus Operator G12 (G23008)
-Fleet Maintenance Technician II - G12 
-Fleet Maintenance Technician III-Metra G14 

Prepares the bus for safe operation; performs pre-trip inspection – performs safety prevention checklist daily- interior and exterior of the bus. Drives.  Boards and inspects passengers. Drives bus and maintains route schedule; monitors fare box , passes and identifications for the purpose of assuring accurate fare amounts. Operates essential equipment. Assists passengers with disabilities; operates a wheelchair lift; secures wheelchairs and passengers; assists passengers in distress; notifies dispatcher of bus location and symptoms of passengers in distress. Perform duties required by the Office of Homeland Security, assisting customers in safe evacuation from the bus; observing, determining, and reporting activities, packages and substances that are suspicious or out-of-place; ability to use a common sense approach when faced with various emergency situations to ensure public/passenger safety and proper bus operation. Provides information and directional assistance. Accesses revenue readings for surveys; provides input on route adjustments. Operates a radio; reports accidents and emergency situations when en route; assists 911 by reporting inoperative traffic lights. Participates in random and mandatory drug and alcohol testing. Attends annual driver refresher training; attends courses in defensive driving as needed. Notifies dispatcher and obtains necessary repairs and maintenance work at each turn-around point; secures bus in case of accident or engine malfunction; directs traffic around bus as needed. Opens the Transfer Center daily; checks employees as they come in; issues buses; handles incoming calls; provides information about routes; manages bus schedules; prepares mileage reports and surveys; maintains a log of daily activities; prepares requests for charters; sells swipe cards; drives charters for special tours. Performs the duties of the supervisor in his or her absence and needed.  Performs other related duties as assigned.

Job Type: Full-Time Regular
Location: Metra Transit, 814 Linwood Blvd, Columbus, Georgia
Agency: Transportation