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The role of The Business Operations Partner is to function collaboratively in support of Medical Group leadership, providers and staff to provide expert consultative and learning support that is focused on meeting business objectives, standardization of operations, patient and family satisfaction and aligning learning programs with best practices.

Special Criteria Details

Position will focus on EPIC Ambulatory.


Partners with specific healthcare services as a staff and leadership resource for identification of learning needs, standardization of practice and adoption of operational process to improve outcomes.

a) Uses best practices in adult learning to analyze, design, develop, deploy and evaluate approach to learning activities.

b) Regularly onsite at practices to identify operational needs and educational opportunities.

c) Regularly attends Supervisor Leadership meetings to address business needs and educational opportunities, and to provide communication addressing system and operational workflow initiatives.

d) Attends departmental meetings to provide demonstration of Epic enhancements, best practices, and workflow efficiencies.

e) Attends regular role-specific meetings to address best practices, current issues/concerns, and general workflow questions.

f) Meets with leaders and staff members to observe and discuss current work flows and identify opportunities for improvement.

g) Reviews organizational communications for updates/changes to current workflows and standards, incorporates knowledge of clinic operations and communicates/follows up accordingly.

h) Identifies best practices in work processes and opportunities to better leverage technology; creates opportunities and plans for improving efficiency through learning and communication.

i) Provides input to strategic decisions that affect the functional area of responsibility, which includes but is not limited to: consulting services, partnership initiation and management, and assistance in resolving operational issues.

Develops, modifies and delivers learning activities, interacting with personnel and subject matter experts to develop specifications for learning content.

a) Utilizes in-classroom lecture, video creation, document generation, learning management systems, and other system tools as needed.

b) Designs, develops and updates learning materials and methods to align with user and organizational learning objectives.

c) Accommodates staff availability in providing learning sessions on any variety of topics.

d) Plans, advises, and deploys the communication of IT upgrades and workflow changes.

e) Sets up training sessions based on UVMMC standards, best practices and recommended workflows.

f) Works with UVMMC’s EPIC team to build and test functionality to support learning content delivered to all employees through various mediums.

g) Has expert understanding of Electronic Medical Record with ability to translate operational goals into EHR functionality.

Assesses effectiveness of courses, including measuring what participants learned from training events and longer range assessments to determine on-the-job impact of learning and performance improvement.

a) Provides evaluations of the learning program’s content and effectiveness to Medical Group Operational Leadership Team.

b) Monitors programs impact through Kirkpatrick and Success Case Methodologies

c) Solicits feedback on learning impact and needs from end users during regular onsite follow-ups.

d) Reevaluates and optimizes processes, procedures, and policies, and subsequent communication and education.

Works with vendors and internal project managers supporting system and process changes, and facilitating cohesive integration of software applications with attention to change management principles.

a) Coordinates with both IT and project management teams to effectively implement changes within the organization.

b) Possesses knowledge of the Prosci® Change Management model and ADKAR® to identify and address change resistance.

c) Partners with vendors and project managers to determine the best possible communication plan as well resources requiring development.

d) Assists in testing of software resources prior to go-live in order to both understand the process and identify possible issues.

e) Provides expertise from a clinic level to vendors and project managers prior to implementation to help with a wider understanding of workflows and impact.

f) Acts as an on-site resource to facilitate adoption and troubleshoot potential issues during and after implementations.

g) Provides information to clinics on projects and initiatives to facilitate adoption, and solicits feedback from staff, leaders and providers to help coordination with vendors and project managers.


  • Bachelor's degree required in Adult Learning, Business, Change Management, Organization Development or a related field.
  • A minimum of 3 years’ experience working with learners is preferred.

  • Demonstrated aptitude and experience with organizational systems is strongly preferred.
  • Certification in Adult Learning, Business Analysis or Change Management methodology strongly preferred.
  • Ability to adapt professional interaction style to effectively engage with staff, leaders and providers.

  • Demonstrated skills in work process optimization, communication, adult learning and change management.

  • Knowledge of needs assessment methodology, including the ability to conduct needs analyses, interact with SMEs at all levels, and translate results into concrete learning objectives.

  • Demonstrated customer focus, including the ability to build partnerships at all levels of the organization in the interest of customer focus, instilling trust and cultivating innovation in the interest of improving the experience of employees, and ultimately patients and their families.

  • Dynamic and engaging presentation/facilitation skills with a proven ability to interact with participants in a manner that optimizes learning.

  • Demonstrated success working with adult learners as an instructor or mentor.

  • Effective multi-mode communication skills.

  • Ability to relate openly and comfortably with groups and individuals.

  • Ability to prioritize multiple tasks and work within a fast-paced, frequently changing and interruption-prone environment.

  • Demonstrated self-awareness, self-development and situational adaptability. Ability to accept constructive critique and integrate appropriately into practice.

  •  Demonstrated experience training and advising on standardized processes and procedures is required.
  • Specific experience within a healthcare setting is preferred.
  • Proven technical aptitude with various IT applications/systems and ability to learn and adopt new technologies.
  • Proficiency using Microsoft Office applications.