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New York, NY


The Chief Information Officer will serve as The Legal Aid Society's principal IT Officer, leading all aspects of technology operations including managing infrastructure, technology development, service delivery, cybersecurity and disaster recovery for the Society's 2,000+ staff and 20+ office locations. The CIO is responsible for ensuring consistent and efficient delivery of technology services, modernizing and maintaining technology systems, infrastructure and applications. The CIO will also lead and coach a staff of technology professionals, ensuring high performance and the highest standards of industry best practices. The successful candidate will be strategic, knowledgeable, and committed to serving LAS's clients and staff.

Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer, the Chief Information Officer will:
* Work closely with the Chief Operating Officer, IT internal team leadership, and practice area leadership to design and execute effective and measurable policies, protocols, and standards that govern IT work and ensure the Society's technology needs are routinely monitored
* Articulate, operationalize, and effectively communicate a technology strategy to meet the organization's needs now and elevate its performance in the future. Understand the Society's strategic direction and set parallel strategic plans for the Society's technical infrastructure, with an eye towards reliability, security, and sustainability. Evaluate new technologies on an ongoing basis, including but not limited to SaaS alternatives to onsite solutions. Track and communicate progress against this plan.

* Provide strategic guidance and leadership to the Society's executive management around the implementation and administration of technology.

* Cultivate and elevate the current IT staff members. This includes creating and executing professional development plans based on skills gap analysis, providing regular effective feedback and coaching your managers to do the same, and developing and enhancing task and project management within the team to effectively use time.

* Nurture a supportive, inclusive, and diverse workplace culture within IT, which includes developing effective processes around 360 feedback, creating space for individual contributors to influence strategic decisions, supporting effective cross-team collaboration and cross-functional training, and ensuring all staff development plans are calibrated to maximize every individual's potential growth and influence.

* Review and maintain records of relevant software licensing, software and hardware support, and hardware leasing agreements. Right-size licensing plans and anticipate expected growth. Ensure that the bandwidth, phone service, and other core infrastructure provisioned for each site match current and planned staff needs and expectations while continually looking for potential cost-saving opportunities.

* Manage all aspects of relevant vendor relationships including sourcing and selecting new vendors, review and negotiation of contracts, ongoing management of work, and tracking of invoices.
* Develop and maintain strategic relationships to support the Society in the delivery of current and future technology requirements

* Ensure the most appropriate structure and allocation of resources are in place for serving the technological needs of all departments and practices areas across the Society

* Manage and direct the work of the teams responsible for building and maintaining the Society's IT infrastructure, software, and cybersecurity

* Ensure policies and protocols meet industry best practices regarding cybersecurity and disaster recovery. Routinely review, test, and update the Society's disaster recovery plan, ensuring system functionality to support operations at varying levels of "disasters". Document, review, and modify IT management policies and procedures to support training and to ensure process are followed with fidelity.

* With Facilities and Risk Management, prepare Business Continuity Plan and tabletop exercises as needed.

* Ensure that technology products and services meet Society needs and are accessible to staff

* Ensure core technologies--e.g., computers, cellphones, case management system, cloud computing, servers, etc.--have routine replacement cycles, and that these cycles are executed

* Ensure all IT processes and services comply with all applicable requirements, laws and regulations

* Oversee the planning, management, and implementation of special projects to meet the Society's technology needs, as needed


* Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or related field, or equivalent experience. Certifications including CISSP or ITIL are preferred but not required.
* At least 15 years progressive experience in IT, with at least 7 years management experience, 5 years managing other managers, and 2 years at a role of similar responsibility (such as a department head)

* A proven track record of developing team members as individuals. We seek a candidate who takes people management seriously, and who has a demonstrated history of developing and growing their staff.

* A proven track record of developing teams as a whole. We seek a candidate who is committed to collective success, and who can elevate process and procedure both within the department and for the organization overall.

* Expert knowledge of industry standards pertaining to software, hardware, and information security. We seek a candidate with a strong technical background who can contribute meaningfully to technical discussions and decision-making.

* Expert in conducting technological transformations, building and coaching teams, and combining crisis management with execution of long-term strategic initiatives

* Excellent communication and presentation skills to diverse audiences. We seek a candidate who will be as comfortable explaining the need to invest in DR technology to executives as they will be explaining the need to use two-factor authentication to typical office workers.

* Excellent diplomacy, business analysis, listening, and problem-solving skills. We seek a candidate who will be receptive to the expressed needs of non-technical staff, who will seek to align technical strategy with Legal Aid's strategic plan, and who will take a holistic problem-solving approach that marries the best technical standards to the organization's requirements.

* Ability to navigate complex organizations with competing priorities, diverse needs, short timelines, and limited resources

* Sense of professionalism, confidentiality, independent judgment, and an exceptional work ethic

* Passion for justice and the non-profit sector preferred

* Commitment to Legal Aid's mission to secure equal justice before the law for all New Yorkers
* Must be willing to travel to support operations across all 5 boroughs in NYC and Long Island.

REQUIRED DOCUMENTS: A cover letter and resume submitted as a single PDF through the LAS Recruitment portal.